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Intuitive Mimi on Emphasizing the Importance of Networking

Summer is among us and I cannot stress the importance of networking enough! The days are longer and the weather is warmer so take advantage of that. Attend as many networking events as you can! I know I will. In fact, it’s one of the things on my quarterly goals list. I set a goal to attend at least one networking event every quarter (every three months).   I wrote an awesome post two years ago about the importance of networking and why meeting new people should be a priority. It’s still very relevant today. Check it out when you get a chance by clicking the word “post” above. A week ago, I attended a networking event called Girlz Talk, put on by Show Me Pretty and Mommy to Be LLC



and although it was a small and intimate networking mixer it was still effective. I was able to meet Crystal Cole, CEO of Model Mom, Ashley and Yanay, founders of Show Me Pretty, Simone Elle, motivational speaker, author and life coach,Erikka Yvonne of Erikka Yvonne & Co. Agency (not pictured) and last but not least– Jennifer, founder of Mommy to Be LLC. Such a power group of women to be sitting in the same room with. We chatted amongst Chicken and Waffles, fruit, mimosas and cupcakes (everything a girl like me loves!). As I chatted and listened to every single woman speak, I realized that there were some things that many of us had in common with each other ( I mean like literally me and another woman at the event had went through almost the same exact things within the past few months… it was kind of eerie but refreshing at the same time) such as being god fearing women who are business driven but there were also some things that I learned from sitting in the same room with these women; we all have different skills sets to offer that each of us can benefit from.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the exact reason why you should be networking. How else would you meet the right people. Sure, you may stumble across a business woman/man out of pure luck every now and again (just happened to me as I was getting a carry-out in Detroit) and I hope you’re carrying business cards on you at all times for reasons such as these. Never miss an opportunity to network. I sure don’t. Anytime, I’m having a conversation with someone for the first time, I almost always inform them of my credentials. Everyone is a potential client remember that!

I also want to point out that “everybody isn’t for EVERYBODY”. You may meet someone that you feel brings no benefit to your life or business, however, don’t count them out. I do not condone wasting time with folks but do keep their contact info as you may find or come across someone that may need their services one day and vice versa. You wouldn’t want them to count you out so don’t do it to them. I’m excited about building my network this year and I hope you are too! Are there any  upcoming networking events that you’re looking forward to attending this year? Comment Below.

Remember: Your network is your net worth!

If you’d like to follow any of the lovely ladies that I was able to network with and their businesses on IG, see their usernames below. All of these ladies have something extraordinary to offer. Follow their journey!

Ashley @showmepretty

Erickka Yvonne @eycoagency

Crystal Cole @ modelcm

Simone Elle @ms_elle_elevation

Jennifer @mommy_to_be_llc


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Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated! 



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