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Setting Goals to Save Your Life Pt. 3

IMG_0154Today, I want to talk about setting monthly, weekly, and daily goals. This is where you get strict on yourself and prioritize your time. In today’s world, luckily there are apps that connect to your digital calendar to assist you in setting these type of goals. I have an iPhone, so naturally I utilize my built in reminders, Siri and my notes application. Honestly, that’s probably all you need aside from having an actual handheld planner (which I still favor over everything…call me old fashion but there’s something about handwriting those goals that makes me feel legit).

The resources I named above are excellent resources but that still didn’t stop me from venturing off and discovering other time management applications with built in reminders and/or intuitive note taking capabilities. Utilizing apps, aside from physically writing down your goals helps keep you accountable for those promises that you made to yourself. I like to think of setting goals as making “promises” to myself and you should too! Setting goals teaches us to be a man/woman of our word and your word means everything when it comes to the future of your successes. Don’t be inconsistent. Set those goals and achieve them! My mentor and I were talking earlier and we both agreed that setting goals with dates next to them makes them more real. It means that you’re holding yourself accountable and saying “this will get done by this date,” and I don’t know if you know but when you put things out in the universe or speak things into existence, they tend to happen. So, let’s talk setting goals and some of the applications that I use.

Organizing Monthly, Weekly and Daily Goals 

Once you get down setting yearly and quarterly goals, it’s get pretty easy from here. Again, as I stated, setting monthly goals is basically the equivalent of creating a personalized calendar of your life. In fact, I recommend you use a calendar or if you’re going to use an app, make sure there is a calender integrated within it. Now, I’m currently using an app called 24 Me and I love it! I discovered this app a few years ago and I’m telling you it helped me get through that hectic last year of college. The application integrates your phone’s calendar as well so anything that you input into the app, stores into the default calendar on your device.



Use a calendar with a month view or planner when setting monthly goals. I prefer this method as I’m able to get an full over view of the time (days rather) that I’ll have to achieve goals within the month. Planners are excellent resources for organizing your week ahead as most planners are formatted with a “week by week” view. So you’re able to really concentrate on tasks to be completed week by week. This is a good thing if you’re a person that  gets easily overwhelmed.

You may not want to constantly be looking at all that you have to do over the course of a month and so planners are an excellent way to crop out what it is that you should be focusing on during the week. Planners are often used in business as an appointment tool as it’s format is a calendar meaning there is a date associated with a day and sometimes time slots (if you purchase a day planner) that you’re a able to fill in with details of what’s to be done during that week, day or moment.


Managing Daily Tasks

When it comes to managing daily tasks these are things that you may want to time yourself on. Here’s where we cross into the realm of time management. Many create what you’d call a to-do list but I call it “daily goals” because essentially…that’s exactly what they are. When planning your daily goals, you want to make sure they align with your weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals. Planning your day out accordingly is how you’re going to ultimately achieve your goals every year. Is it all coming together for you? How you decide to plan out each day, will effect whether or not you hit your goals every week and if you’re not hitting your weekly goals then most likely you’re not going to achieve all the goals that you’ve set for yourself within the month and because of that, you’ll look up and an entire quarter will have passed you by. You’ll say to yourself, “geesh, I’ve not achieve what I thought I would have in three months,” and before you know it a year will have passed and you’ll look back and realize that you didn’t get much accomplished within the past year because … you did not manage your time correctly.

time management app atracker

It starts here. Setting those daily goals (those to-do lists) and achieving them. I don’t care if you have one goal that you wish to achieve this month or year. Plan out your days accordingly so that you may achieve it and move on to the next best thing. There’s always something that we can do to better ourselves and our lives. That’s what setting goals is for. It’s to enhance our knowledge and to help us grow.

I’m telling you, once I understood what time management meant and stopped procrastinating, I achieved so much more in life and at a faster pace. I want to share with you a technique that I picked up my last year of college. I sort of stumbled across it but it helped me manage my time better and when I use this technique, I find that my time is managed and not a second is wasted. I also find that I move at a quicker pace thus finishing tasks faster. So my secret formula is …. TIME YOURSELF.


When you’re tackling those daily goals, give yourself a timeframe in which you’ll complete the task. It not just enough to say, ” I’ll wash my car on Thursday.” That works for us when we’re setting monthly goals monthly,however, with daily goals it’s good to set an actual time during the day in which you’ll start the task and complete it. Be specific. Give yourself a certain amount of time to complete the task. If you do this, most likely you will complete the task and then you’re able to move on to the next goal on your list (if there is another) or simply just enjoy the rest of your day.


Of course there are apps that can assist you in keeping track of your timed tasks and I recommend an app called Atracker. I like to use apps when timing my tasks as I like to challenge myself. I like to measure how long it takes me to complete a tasks so then every time I go to complete that task again, i can try to beat my previous time. This is a great way to build speed when goal digging thus helping you managed your time effectively.


It’s all about priorities people. We as human beings make time for what’s important to us. Put those goals first! It’s such a mood booster to check something off of your list that you’ve been working so hard on. Join the movement. Be productive in your life.

Why set goals?

You can have anything you want with proper planning and that’s where setting goals come into play. Those who set goals are most likely to achieve them.

Thanks for following the series and I do hope that I’ve got you started on the road to success by taking initiative and by setting goals to save your life. I’d love to hear what you’ve set out to achieve for the rest of the year or even goals that you’ve accomplished thus far in 2015. Leave a comment below or hit me up on Instagram as many did on Monday ( under a post where I asked my followers to share with me one goal they’d be achieving this week). Also, don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter and if you’re interested in donating to the business side of Ambitious Mix, the link is available under the Go Fund Me tab or by clicking the link above!

Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!


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