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Setting Goals to Set Your Life Pt. 1


It’s graduation season and not only are there people graduating from college but from high school as well. Both are major milestones in life and I realized that I don’t speak on education as much as i should from a student or graduate’s perspective especially because I’ve been there and I’ve moved past it. I recognize that everyone doesn’t possess the same perspective as myself let alone the same skills set but I’m here to help and share with you those things that you may not be aware of (it’s the reason ambitious mix blog exists) however, I think that I’ve been approaching things from one angle when I should be considering them from all angles. I need to not only target college graduates or those who have navigated into the business world but I should be speaking more to those that are still trying to get there aside from providing those (awesome) interviews every month. You’ll be hearing from me more often with my tips  for success and I want to start hearing from you guys (men and women) a lot more as well. Starting with today’s topic of setting goals.


What does setting goals mean to you? 

Perhaps from the perspective of someone who doesn’t do it… it may seem like a bore but I promise you every bit of it is worth it! Once you get into the habit of putting what it is that you want down on paper or in your phone (whatever your preference may be) then it’ll be second nature and you’ll find that it’ll become a dependency for you. You’ll need to constantly be setting goals to keep you on track and just for the mere fact that it makes you feel good when you achieve them. So, how does one go about setting goals? Well, there are so many different ways one can set goals. Throughout this segment, I’ll talk about the many ways in which you can go about setting and organizing your goals.

Today, I want to talk about the different types of goals to set and which goal setting technique I think you should start with. You can set daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, quarterly goals and yearly goals. Many people also have a five year plan in which they may make a list of things they plan to achieve within a five year span. I find that making these lists hold us accountable to our word. It’s almost like entering into a contract with yourself.

I’m a list-lover so of course I’m going to recommend that you do all of the above. I believe if a person really wants to become more organized, they should keep at least a loose schedule for everyday of their life. Read more about this in my post “five steps to help you become more organized.” (coming soon) Perhaps, that’s me being obsessive but it helps me so much to remember what it is that I should be focusing on every day and essentially that’s what setting goals is all about. It’s about staying on schedule.

So let’s assume that you’re a person that never sets goals or at the very least put your ideas down on paper. My first suggestion to you when it comes to setting goals is to create a goals list for the year. i find that these are the easiest to create because it’s a loose itinerary of the things you hope to achieve throughout out the year and it necessarily doesn’t have to be in order. I find that when i make a goals list for the year it is simple that– a list. It’s a list of things that i wish to achieve by the year end. I often find that many times i achieve the goals out of order. A yearly goals list is meant to be a compilation of things to be done. Again, this can be created in many ways. You can go the traditional route and write the list out using pen and paper. You can type the list up and print it out if you prefer a clean copy and hang it somewhere you’ll see it everyday. You can keep an electronic list in your phone (which i do as well as create a hard copy) or you can do what’s becoming very popular these days– you can create a vision board. If you’re not sure what a vision board is , do not fear, I’ve written about vision boards more than once and for the last two years i’ve created one myself.

What is s vision board

It’s basically a compilation of goals you wish to achieve using mostly pictures. Feel free to check out my posts on vision boards by either clicking the provided links or by entering “vision boards”  or “Envision 2015” into the search engine on the homepage of the blog.

In the meantime, what I want you to do is think about what it is that you want to achieve for the remainder of the year. What’s a priority to you this year? After figuring that out, I want you to create a list of things that you want to do or complete by the year’s end. Now, this list can be short or long. It absolutely depends on your priorities. Intuitive Mimi is assigning you homework 🙂 — Get to it! Make that first goals list (if you haven’t already), I guarantee you’ll feel much better and besides it’s better to get it out rather than to hold it in. Talking to people about your dreams is fine but sometimes you have to talk to yourself to really get things done. Make that list and hold yourself accountable! If you’re familiar with creating year-long goals lists, what’s some of your techniques that you use? I’d love to hear about it as i’m sure my readers would as well.

Stay Ambitious! Stay Motivated! 


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