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May Ambitious Woman of the Month

It’s already May and that means more consistent warm weather for us Michiganders. Warm weather puts us in a more productive mood and we tend to be on the go more. Our May Ambitious Woman of the Month has been doing just that as she prepares to adjust to an upcoming relocation to further her career goals. I was happy to catch up with her before that happened in hopes to introduce her to you all as I’ve not featured anyone within her niche, though similar to a rapper she prefers the title poet as she does spoken-word poetry with no music involved.


Meet Delena Sanders, 25-year-old Grand Rapids native with a passion for telling stories through her poetry. She goes by the stage name Nena Delena and on a typical day, you can catch her randomly scribbling sentences on a piece of paper (in her spare time) in which you realize after reading a sentence or two that it must be a poem she’s working on -I’ve actually witnessed her doing this 🙂 –so it’s from pure observation. Check out her interview below.


Am: How long have your been writing poetry and what made you further pursue as an adult? 
Nena Delena:  I’ve been writing poetry since the 3rd grade and as I got older it turned into a passion. I honestly didn’t decide to pursue poetry, it kind of pursued me. Whenever I would try to take other routes in life I somehow found my way back to the poetry. It’s just apart of who I am. It’s just like any other dream, when you try to get away from it, it begins to haunt you in a sense.
Am: What are your favorite things to write about?
Nena Delena: My favorite thing to write about is me. It’s not a vanity thing but the poetry helps me get to know myself and helps me to stay honest about my thoughts, feelings and honest with the people around me. I could tell you anything but the poems don’t lie.
Am: What are your goals for the future? 
Nena Delena: I was told that my gifts would make room for me (I believe it’s a bible verse). I want my poetry to take me places I’ve never been. I want to share my story with people around the world who may have had similar hardships as myself and inspire them in the way my favorite poets have inspired me.
Am: What should the readers know about Delena Sanders, the poet? 
Nena Delena: I think they should know that I’m fighting to be true to myself. I think they should do the same.
Be sure to check out her poem “Keisha” available to view on our Youtube Channel or under the Ambitious Mix Video tab. Also check out her Youtube channel to view more videos of her spoken word poetry  #ChooseHappiness2015
Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!

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