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June Ambitious Man of The Month

How is it already June !? Six months went by so fast and so much has happened! Wow. I'm not complaining at all especially because it is officially "Summer Time" and --NO SNOW for at least a few more months (God willing) 🙂 I don't know about you but my June is already packed tight… Continue reading June Ambitious Man of The Month

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Hidden Gem App Spotlight: Coursera

I'll be the first to say "school isn't for everybody," in fact, some prefer independent study. With the rising cost of college tuition every year, it makes it rather difficult to want to enroll in a college course let alone complete an entire program but some do and others may decide to not to rack… Continue reading Hidden Gem App Spotlight: Coursera

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Three Steps to Help You Become More Organized

Last week, I just wrapped up a series on setting goals and how it can save your life. In this post I'll be elaborating on that a bit more. So, I'm sure you're wondering how setting goals can save ones life? It's simple. Setting goals helps one become more organized. In a sense, it helps… Continue reading Three Steps to Help You Become More Organized