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April Ambitious Woman of the Month: Lauren Bealore

I’ve been looking forward to introducing your April Ambitious Woman of the Month for some weeks now. Her list of accomplishment could easily brand her my Ambitious Woman of the Year. She’s s certainly the most Ambitious Woman that I’ve come across thus far and I’m so very glad to know that she’s a follower of the Ambitious Mix blog which makes me even more honored to feature her this month. She’s a graduate of Michigan State University, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Social Relations and Policy. She participated heavily in several student organizations while in school including but not limited to her role as President of the Case Black Caucus, Chair of the African American Celebratory, Treasurer for the Zonta International Golden Z Club, Member of the James Madison College Diversity Programming Committee and she also interned with the Michigan Democratic Party, just to name a few things.
She decided to utilize her degree to further pursue a Master of Arts in Public Policy from The New England College. As an MAPP student, she’s garnered experience in the world of politics and policy, including working as a Fellow for the Millenial Mayors Congress Program through the Michigan Suburbs Alliance as well as campaign work for candidates within local government.
While continuing her career in the Finance Department of political campaigns, beginning on the Congressional Campaign of the 14th District of Michigan as Assistant Finance Director for State Representative Rudy Hobbs and then on to being the Finance Director for Democratic Nominee Sandy Colvin for the 39th District of the Michigan House of Representatives, she In total, helped raise $800,000 in campaign elections in 2014, as the only African American woman holding that position.
bealore_lauren_personal branding_pic3Lauren Bealore is your April Ambitious Woman of the Month (as you can see why) and currently, works as the Legislative Assistant for State Representative Leslie Love of District 10 in the Michigan House of Representatives as well as a Commissioner for the City of Southfield’s Total Living Commission. Additionally, Lauren is the co-founder for a women-owned non-profit organization by the name of Y.A.B., which is a young entrepreneurial conglomerate for businesses owned by women of color; through both Y.A.B. and Lauren’s political career, Lauren has received over 40 publication features including BLAC Detroit Magazine, Michigan Chronicle, DBusiness Journal, and HOUR Detroit Magazine. As much of a hard working woman as Lauren is, she still had time to share with us what she’s been up to and where she’s going next. Check out her interview below.
FYI: Lauren was featured on WDIV News for a featured segment for Black History Month: https://www.dropbox.com/s/16yx0nhs2t4b10h/LaurenB_live_in_the_D.wmv?dl=0 
bealore_lauren_personal branding_pic4Where are you from?
LB: I’m from Southfield, MI
You have a lot of leadership experience.When did you know you wanted to be in a woman in charge?
LB: I think I knew since the age of 9…that is the age I began to heavily become involved in organizations with a leadership role such as Junior Achievement and SADD(Students Against Drunk Driving). During my elementary school years, I began to lay the foundation of leadership within myself; that is the period in which I saw myself as the voice and not just the ears so to speak.
At what point in your life did you know politics was it for you?
LB: My interest in divulging into a career in politics permanently, came about recently. Although, in college I interned for the Michigan Democratic Party, I tailored my career interests more into the judicial realm. I had planned to go into Intellectual Property Law and completing multiple internships while also preparing for the field of law, I realized that simply carrying out the laws did not hold as much power as being apart of the process of making laws. All my life, people always saw me as an individual that would be in the forefront of the public…and life later showed me that this outcome was spoken into existence as I have now come about to live it daily in my career.
bealore_lauren_personal branding_pic2
You’ve done so much in your life already… how old are you if you don’t mind me asking?
LB: Thanks so much. I’m 25.
Favorite color and why?
LB: My favorite color is pink because it exudes feminism but at the same time always makes a strong statement due to its brightness.
What do you do for fun (to destress)?
LB: I actually thoroughly enjoy a lot of different events to destress. I love to spend time with my family and friends doing different activities such as sporting events, visiting art museums, attending music festivals, drink tastings and my ultimate destresser of shopping; some new activities I’m looking to try is ATV riding and aerial yoga.
Career Goals (now and five to ten years from now)
LB: My career goal now is to begin to have a reoccurring role doing political correspondence locally through both television and radio. My career goal five to 10 years from now is to have expounded upon guest segments and have my own show entitled “Lauren’s Law” through a major network such as MSNBC where I merge popular culture and politics to educate, and engage minorities and Millennials in the political process.
What do you feel is your primary purpose on earth?
LB: I believe that my primary purpose on earth is to use my voice to help break down the barriers in society.
What else should the readers know about you? 
LB: The readers should know that I have already started working on my career goals with a recent segment that I did on WDIV for Black History Month and my next segment will be with the Brenda Perryman Show in April.
Well I don’t know about you guys but i’m looking forward to following Lauren’s journey to become everything that she wants to be. She’s already on rapid path to success and I look forward to seeing her on television making the difference that she knows she was put on this earth to make.
Follow her on IG @djbeaz and check out her websites www.iamyab.com ; www.beazandhoney.com and www.laurenbealore.com
Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated! and if all else fails… think What Would Lauren Do?

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