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Dr. Eddie M. Connor Jr talks recent release of his new book and what inspires him

While making my rounds, this particular gentleman suddenly appeared just when I thought I was done conducting interviews. He not only was a vendor but also happened to be a speaker at A La Carte Galore’s Empowerment Dinner and Networking Mixer. I am absolutely pleased that I was able to meet Dr. Eddie M. Connor Jr. and talk to him one on one about who he is and what he stands for. Dr. Connor Jr just recently released his fifth book titled “Heal Your Heart” January 2015. Check out his interview below, bookmark this guy on your browsers and follow him on social media. He’s not only empowering but just all around brilliant as well and if you’re ever able to meet him in person, i’m sure you’ll agree.

AM: So, who is Eddie M. Connor Jr? 

IMG_0146Dr. Connor Jr: I am a son of the city so I am a native Detroiter and eastside rider. To live through dying places is really the genesis of my story. I had one of my most traumatic and painful experiences that I had to grapple through..being diagnosed with stage four cancer at the age of 15. They diagnosed me with NHL.  I thought it was National Hockey League (laughs) I thought, “I’m about to be the youngest owner of a national hockey league.”

My doctor said, “no stop the presses one minute. You’ve been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.”

I’m like Doc my first language is Ebonics, I’m still trying to learn English, what do you mean?  He said, “don’t ask why.”

I think in retrospect he was my physician but not my psychologist. Why me, why now? For the next 18 months closer to a year, my own biological father never visited me one day, while in the hospital. To grapple through Cancer alone? They say every second in America two to three people are diagnosed and one in every 1000 teenagers…and i was that one. Days of being depressed, dismayed and discombobulated but I had my faith in god which propelled me to see that the first three letters in Cancer is the word “CAN”. You can overcome, you can survive and that’s why I do what I do today. I’m a college professor and a motivational speaker helping people overcome their obstacles and as a writer of five books, helping people to heal their hearts. Helping people to unwrap their gift and to get to what’s on the inside of them because I was at that place where I felt like I wanted to give up and throw in the towel. I’m a living witness that you don’t look like what you’ve been through. You’re test is a testimony… your misery is ministry…your mess is a message. your stumbling blocks is a stepping stone and god uses your set back as a set up.

AM: Tell us how old you are?

Dr. Connor Jr: You know, I tell people that i’m older than Lebron but younger than Denzel. I got a baby face… (laughs) I’m 32.

AM: Your 5th book is called “Heal your Heart” so i definitely have to go online to grab a copy…

Heal Your Heart

Dr. Connor Jr: The revelation will be televised, and online and on my blog eddieconnor.com

AM: So… at first glance I thought your book was a relationship book but it looks to be about so much more…

IMG_0143Dr. Connor Jr: It’s all intertwined. I don’t think you can write about healing unless you’ve been broken or hurt and really your pain becomes somebody’s empowerment. The reason I wrote “Heal Your Heart” is because I really wanted to instill the virtues and values of women…black women in America especially. In many cases, relationships have gone awry. I’ve made mistakes in relationships and really have tried to grow not just from it but through it.

To help people understand their value and their worth; to know who they are despite a relationship that went bad. you can still find something good that’s come out of it. I tell people all the time, “if someone’s in your life and they’re not adding to it… you have to do some simple math and subtract them out of your life.” I tell the ladies, don’t be the type of woman that needs a man… be the type of woman that a man needs.

When you understand who you are, you begin to attract that. Your life is a magnet. You’re either going to repel negativity or attract it. You’ll either repel positivity or attract that too. It’s a must read. If you’re in a relationship, dating, married, business branding…what ever you are, wherever you are and whoever you are in life, this is a book that you need in your hands. when you place healing in your hands you will experience it in your heart.

AM: What else do you do besides writing books and teaching?


Dr. Connor Jr: In addition to being a college professor, I also have a program called Boys to Books. I’m the founder as well as the mentor in that program and really it’s all about empowering young men through literacy leadership and lifeskill development. We already know that young black males are targeted in America for negativity. Legalized discrimination, mass incarceration, illiteracy and incarceration are so interconnected. To provide young men an opportunity so that they don’t go to jail but they go to Yale, they don’t go to prison, they go to Princeton. Instead of doing four years in a prison house, they do four years at Morehouse. Not four years in a correctional facility, four years at a college or university. This program was developed to help introduce legislation in congress HR721 where former congressman Handsen Clark and President Obama embraced it and used it as a model to develop my brother’s keeper. Which is significant and powerful and so if we can spark just a bit of hope into our young men to be creators, to be job owners, leaders, CEOs…to not be drug dealers players and pimps but to be presidents…that’s what the real revolution is. The revolution will be televised. It’ll be on the street corner, it’ll be in your neighborhoods, it’ll be on the block and that’s what we have to do.

Be sure to check out Dr. Eddie M. Connor Jr.’s website http://eddieconnor.com where you can purchase a copy of his book “Heal Your Heart” along with his other books. You’re able to stay up to date with the Eddie Connor Experience, his revolution and his blog. You’re also able to watch his videos with motivational messages for you.

He’s also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and says he wants to keep you mentally fit so follow him!

IG @eddieconnorjr

Twitter @EddieConnorJr

Facebook: Dr. Eddie M. Connor



This interview wraps up my series of interviews conducted at A La Carte Galore’s one year anniversary event. Stay tuned for your April Ambitious Woman of the Month to debut on April 1, 2015.

Stay Ambitious! Stay Motivated! 


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