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Feature: Gospel Artist James Bowman talks why he became an artist and Preachers of Detroit

Mr. James Bowman was sitting at one of the vendor tables far off into the back corner. He had a display of CDs on the table and so i stopped by the table to briefly chat him up.

IMG_0124AM: When did you decide you wanted to be a gospel artist?

JB: Well i grew up in the church my whole life, around age 15 or 16 I started singing in groups and i really enjoyed it and found it a good way to minister and express yourself. I consider myself a writer and a singer.

AM:What are some of the churches you minister in?IMG_0126

JB: As far as preaching: The house of Jesus and True Deliverance to name a couple. I also evangelize at a few churches.

AM: What do you think of the new Preachers of Detroit Show? 

JB: I don’t watch it too much because I feel like the message is some what mis-construed. I think they have an opportunity to really reach out and share the true gospel message and it’s more about “what’s going on in my life.” I understand preachers are human and have things going on in their lives but you have to be very careful when you’re in ministry. You have to make sure the messages that you put out there is not clouded by our everyday experiences. I just think they can do a lot more with that show and I wish they would.

If you see Mr. Bowman around be sure to give him a shout (no pun intended) or simply speak. 🙂

Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated


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