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Feature: Aisha Thurman, author of Guests Welcomed talks Etiquette in the Black Community

I was very honored to meet this particular author who has a very unique vision when it comes to the black community. She believes that we have to take accountability and earn our respect by knowing how to conduct ourselves out in the world. I absolutely agree. While it will not take away the troubles of the world, it will definately hush some stereotypes such as “we just can’t get it right.” We know that’s not true and all of us have the ability to be great…sometimes we just need an extra PUSH.

Aisha ThurmanMeet Aisha Thurman, author of the book “Guests Welcomed”, Social Empowerment coach, mentor and motivational speaker. She specifically specializes in teaching etiquette early on so that we may better ourselves in the long run. Check out what she had to say below:

AM: What is your book about?

IMG_0113AT: It’s about etiquette and pretty much about becoming socially effective. It’s called “Guest Welcomed, Respect Required.” Pretty much, i’m breaking down the role of “guests” in every shared environment in the urban community; so that’s homes, work, school, restaurants (our number one “take for granted” place we love to eat at) to name a few.

AM: So are you essentially reiterating “Home Training” ? 

AT: Reiterating Home Training … we forget due to technology. While rushing, we forget to be nice to each other so that’s my whole mission; to create that awareness. Hospitality is really what connects us all around the world.

AM: What made you decide to write a book about this? 

IMG_0114 IMG_0115

AT: I have over 20 years of hospitality experience from restaurants to hotels that service the community and my parents were southern raised so just imagine. I got my butt beat when I cut up but unfortunately home training is a little different now. The consequences are more impactful, they’re jailed instead of punishment.  The detention is death. The consequences are really extreme now. I’m trying to stop my people from being isolated and annihilated. We just want to be welcomed into the environment too but we got to be prepared. We have to know how to act.


You still want respect…it’s still required. Be effective. This is life. I do a one hour branding presentation called “R.E.D”. We walk through dining etiquette in sort of like a date form. It’s fun and perfect for teens. We talk about what to apply there, what to do after… we talk about all that! At the table, we talk about the menu… we have to teach young people to know these things because we expect that they watch us but no one has confirmed it. I confirm it! I know I taught you that! I know I put you in that environment!


Be sure to check out Aisha’s website http://urbanhospitality.wix.com/aishathurman to learn more about her workshops and her book is available for purchase on amazon.com

And she’s available for follow on IG @guestswelcomed 


Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!


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