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Business Spotlight: Chynna of Bombshell Lyfe shares her business goals and what makes Bombshell Lyfe the hair company you’ve been looking for

I met Chynna at A La Carte Galore’s Empowerment Dinner and Networking Mixer also known as their one year anniversary event. She was looking ever so radiant (as you can see in her photos below) which drew me to her company and brand even more. She looked the part. Chynna, though busy at the event did set some time aside for a quick interview. Check it out below.

AM: What made you decide to get into the hair business?

Chynna: Ok, so I started right in the beginning when everyone started selling hair. I’ve been doing hair for about 10 years now and so I figured “why not offer that to my clients?” I researched it a bit more and I came across a company with awesome hair. It did take trial and error but I eventually did find hair that I liked. So my mom and I started a business together which is called Bombshell Lyfe. We have a website and we’re on social media. We have an Instagram, Twitter…all of that.

AM: What sets you apart from all the other hair companies around Metro Detroit? Why should i buy from you? 

Chynna: Well our goal is to keep our clients happy and satisfied. We make sure we give quality hair. We make sure that you can reuse it and don’t have to keep re-buying hair because who wants to keep doing that all the time. You can dye it, you can straighten it, you can curl it, you can wet it, so it’s very interchangeable. We offer more than just hair. We have accessories such as flatirons and paddle brushes. I also offer wig installations. Bombshell is so much more than just hair.


AM: Oh, so you make Wigs?

Chynna: Yes I make wigs, I do hair, lash extensions…I do a lot.

AM: How much do you charge for Wigs? 

Chynna: Wigs start off at $200 dollars and can range anywhere from $200-250 depending on the lace and if you want a closure or not but they last for so long though. So again, our goal is to keep our customers and keep them happy.

AM: So are you doing this full-time then? 

Chynna: Doing hair is my full-time job but yes my company is my overall full-time job.

AM: What can you tell my readers about Entrepreneurship? Obviously, you’re a business owner so this is a realm that you dwell in everyday.


Chynna: I feel like if you are talented in some aspect, I think that you should go with your talent. Like me, i’m good with my hands and I’m good at doing things with my hands so that’s why I do hair for a living and I feel like it’s an awesome talent so if you feel like you can do it then you should. You should pursue it and you should stick with it because your brand is YOU!

If you’re interested in purchasing from Bombshell Lyfe be sure to visit their website http://www.bombshelllyfe.com

You can also follow the brand on IG @bombshelllyfe

Stay Ambitious! Stay Motivated! 


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