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Business Spotlight: Krissy’s Sweet Nothings

While at A la Carte Galore’s one year anniversary event, I was granted the opportunity to partake in the refreshments along with dinner. I was stuffed for most of the night after having a pre-game banana pudding cheesecake and then eating Salmon and Chicken Alfredo but I was able to sneak in a slice of Krissy’s German Chocolate Cake (as promised), among the Red Velvet and Caramel cake options(hard choices). Let’s just say I was ready to go to sleep after that slice of cake. Krissy was mostly busy setting up before the event and then serving her cake to guests during dessert but thankfully I was able to snag her for a quick interview and this is what she had to say:

Krissy’s three tiered cake pictured along side desserts made by Let Them Eat Cake Detroit

Am: How long have you been in business?

Krissy: A year.

Am: Is this your day job?

Krissy: Besides catering, I go to school.

Am: Why should I come to you for my catering needs? 

Krissy: Because I listen to what my clients wants and needs, I can bring any creation to life and it tastes really good.

Am: What type of events do you do?

Krissy: I do weddings, baby showers, bachelorette parties, networking mixers…everything

Am: Out of all the creations that you ever made, what was your favorite? 

Krissy: My son’s 2nd birthday cake that i made when he turned two years old. It was an elephant and on top of the elephant trunk was a two-tiered cake.

Am: Do you have a website where people can go and look at your creations?


Krissy: Follow me on IG @Krissys_sweetnothings, my Facebook is “Krissy’s Sweet Nothings”

and my website is

Am: Where do you hope to take your business within the next 5-10 years?

Do you really want to know? I’m going to school to be a doctor and this is paying for it.

Am: So…whose going to run the business while you’re in the ER? 

Krissy: umm.. hopefully I can do both… we’ll just have to see where life takes me.


Be sure to check out Krissy’s website which includes descriptions and pictures of the types of cakes that Krissy makes along with pricing.

Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!


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