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Business Spotlight: For the Love of Cheesecake


The next business i’m spotlighting this week was also a vendor at A la Carte Galore’s Empowerment Dinner and Networking Mixer and says she’s been making cheesecake for about three years but officially made it a business two years ago. His and Her name is Cortney and Cortez and their business is called “For the Love of Cheesecake,” and is located in the Metro Detroit area.

“The first time I made cheesecake was for my boyfriend on Valentine’s day and he loved it. We shared it with the family and everyone in the family loved it too and then it started to be a big thing where i was making cheesecake for everyone. I was told ‘you should stop making it for free, you should sell it,’ so then i decided to start selling it and at first it was just slowly getting on a roll until I started selling it at the plant that i work at and then people really started buying it. My boyfriend was also working at a plant and it was doing really good there too so i was like ‘ok’ and now it’s just everywhere. I’m at the point where, I’m going to eventually want to stop working at the plant and just do cheesecake. My goal within the next six months is to be doing this full-time.” 

AM: What sets your cheesecake apart from the others? 

IMG_0059Cortney: It’s homemade, really good and made with love. I would pick my cheesecake over anyone else’s. I use all top ingredients.

AM: How long does it take you to make a cheesecake?

Cortney: It takes 30 minutes to make a half and two cheesecakes take an hour. When I first started making cheesecakes, it use to take three hours. Now, it just depends, like to make a turtle cheesecake, which has a lot of ingredients, that can take up to two hours.

AM: Is your cheesecake topping Cheesecake Factory? 

Cortney: Oh yeah, that i know.

Courtney and Cortez (her boyfriend, business partner and biggest fan of her cheesecakes 🙂 ) #RelationshipGoals


Customer Favorites:

Strawberry and Banana Pudding


Just to let my reader’s know: I did purchase a slice of banana pudding cheesecake and both Cortney and Cortez made me take my first bite in front of them (lol) and i must say it’s like none other. I’ve tasted nothing similar to it. Afterwards, I started convincing other vendors and attendees to buy a slice. I’d become an advocate just like that. I do recommend you find Cortney and/or Cortez and you buy a slice or a whole (why not?) if you love cheesecake. Thank me later!


IG: @Fortheloveofcheesecake #FollowThem (even if it’s just to drool over the pictures)


Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!


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