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Business Spotlight: Mac Neal LLC

Mac Neal LLC located in Chicago, IL is a one stop shop professional services firm ran by Malcolm Alexander-Neal, a former Detroit native, Cass Tech, Michigan State University and Wayne State Alumni.


Malcolm holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and a Master’s in Accounting.

“Essentially, I’m a tax preparer but in addition to that, I have other professional services that I offer. My motto is when people come to my company, you can do everything. I do tax preparation, I’m a travel agent, I do real estate, graphic design and a host of other business services such as business development, business planning, book keeping and stuff like that.”

AM: So basically you operate like a Meijer or Walmart where you can go in and get everything?


MN: Yes, i’m the Meijer/Walmart of professional services (laughs)

AM: What are your career goals for the next five to ten years?

MN: I’ve been in business for two years and right now, still being in the developing phases of the business, my initial goals are to continuously grow and to build a stronger foundation . Where i’m at in my business right now is making processes and making sure that everything is in place so when i’m busy with my 9-5, I can hire people or I can have an intern help carry-on my day to day general business or my personal business. Eventually, I want move into doing my business full-time and I definitely see that happening within the next 2-3 years.  I’m at a point now where there are a lot of things that are in place where in the past i’ve been unemployed twice, once laid off and another time I quit. I was able to make rent both times through my business. The trade off is when I am employed again then you see those revenues dwindle a little bit because you’re so focused on your full-time job. with the different processes that I was able to put into place each time I was unemployed, I can still keep the business going with revenue coming in effortlessly.

AM: Tell us about your day job?

MN: Right now, i’m transitioning to a job as an auditor for FINRA-Financial Industry Regulatory Authority— and they regulate the securities industry so anyone who trades securities stocks and bonds or anything like that. For instance, the New York stock exchange, we regulate them to make sure they’re not stealing people’s money or conducting secret Ponzi schemes. If you look at my resume, I’ve been everywhere. I’ve been on the Futures of Commodities side as an auditor. I did accounting for US Foods, I did accounting on the regulatory sides at a brokerage company and so i have well rounded experience as to how the books work on the corporate side. When it’s time to incorporate different processes into my own business, i can to make sure it’s ran right. It’s definitely good to get that corporate experience to at least learn how a business should be ran.

AM: What is something that every entrepreneur should know?

MN: When something is your passion just keep going no matter what obstacles come your way. You will eventually persevere. When it’s your own business, it’s your baby and you make time for it. It’s been times where i stayed up to 6am and had to be to work at 8am but when it’s your baby and you want it to be successful, you gotta stick with it. You will eventually see the fruits of your labor.

AM: Why should we do business with you ?

MN: You can go anywhere else but you can come to Mac Neal LLC and feel like you’re at home. We’re personable and we’re going to to get to the root of what it is that you’re seeking to accomplish and to make sure that it’s done correctly to where it benefits the client the most.


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