Review: A la Carte Galore LLC ‘s One Year Anniversary Empowerment Dinner and Networking Mixer

Over the weekend, i was blessed enough to be invited to A la Carte Galore’s Empowerment Dinner and Networking Mixer in honor of its one year anniversary.

Pictured here: Desserts made by Let Them Eat Cake Detroit
Pictured here: Desserts made by Let Them Eat Cake Detroit


IMG_0014 IMG_0018 IMG_0011 IMG_0004


Chatoya Antwine, owner of A la Carte Galore did a fabulous job with this event and looked fabulous while doing so.

IMG_9991  First off, if you didn’t leave this event feeling motivated to live on purpose or to find your purpose (for those that are still trying to figure it out) then i don’t know what event you were sitting in on. I definitely felt a sense clarity upon leaving the event plus i was able to meet some awesome new people!

The speakers of the night were Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence, who spoke to us about women equality and coming together to support our fellow sister.

Our Congresswoman believes that everyone was put on this earth with a purpose. Check out a clip from her speech that kicked off the start of the event on my Youtube Channel.

After the Congresswoman opened up the event with her final words encouraging us to network. We did just that while partaking in cocktails in which the wine was complimentary along with fruit punch.

IMG_9990 IMG_9989

LaToya Early, vision coach (among so many other things) was the second speaker of the night and she lifted us up while stressing the importance of following your passion. It was a great piggy back off of Congresswoman’s speech.


“Now is the time to do it. Start today. Everyone has a purpose! Until you step out and be who you were destined to be, YOU DON’T HAVE AN IDENTITY. Who wants to leave this earth without an identity? My purpose is to help the unbelievers –believe! I call myself the living example. YOUR POWER IS WITHIN YOU!” -LaToya Early

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Early at the Ambitious Girls Club Vision Board Workshop back at the end of November 2014, where she spoke with me one on one about my very own vision. I love her spirit, I follow her via social media and she can help you too! Utilize her because she’s great and easily relatable. She’s such a great motivational speaker and i was just so happy to be able to share a room with her again. Mrs. Early conducts vision workshops and lives to help you find your purpose. Visit for more information.

The third speaker of the night was Dr. Eddie Connor Jr, who i was so very pleased to meet and fortunate that he was able to interview with me before speaking as i learned so much about him in so little time. The doctor’s primary message was BUILD YOUR EMPIRE! (Read more about him in the spotlight that i’ll be posting of him later in the week).


After eating dinner and participating in raffles the event closed out with

Carlotta Tutt Holloway, Marketing and Events Entrepreneur sharing her story of why she decided to venture into entrepreneurism and she also showed us how marketing and advertising plays a role in branding while using three volunteers from the crowd. IMG_9976

Alfred Hall, owner of Ears Financial Services, LLC closed out the event with his inspirational journey through entrepreneurism starting from the 1980s, with his primary message being “walk by faith and not by sight.” What i learned from his story is you just never know what could work out for you, when it’s meant for you.

I sure enough left the event feeling empowered and i hope those that attended did as well. Stay tuned as i’ll be posting interviews that i conducted with some of the vendors throughout the week in hopes that you’ll get to know a little bit about their business/brands and perhaps it’ll be just what you’ve been looking for.


Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!


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