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Business Spotlight: Lakey’s Bites

I met Alake Williams, owner of Lakey’s Bites Catering Company at A la Carte Galore’s Empowerment Dinner and Networking Mixer. The pleasant Detroit native informed me that she made the Chicken Alfredo and the Red Skin Potatoes that were on the menu for the night. Although, I didn’t get to try the red skin potatoes i was able to try the Alfredo which I ate along side a piece of salmon. I will say that it was creamy which is good in my book because some people’s Alfredo is too dry, so she gets a thumbs up from me.


Alake says she’s just now getting into her catering business full-time after previously taking a break.

AM: What made you decide to go full-time?

Alake: I quit my job back in November and decided to go to school for another degree and since I have more time now, I decided what better time to go full force than now. I have a Culinary Arts degree that i obtained from the Art Institute last March. Currently, I’m finishing out another degree at Michigan State University.

AM: What should we know about Lakey’s Bites? 

I tend to stick to gourmet type dishes and i guess i chose the name “Lakey’s Bites” as I do like bite-sized Hors d’oeuvres. I like to cater and i just like to make sure the client is happy so i guess i just try to focus on their needs and what they’re looking for.

Lakey’s Bites is looking to serve new clients so let her know what you need and she’ll make it happen!

Contact: Lakeysbites@gmail.com


Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!



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