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Intuitive MiMi on Work-Life Balance: How to Manage your Day Job While Pursuing Your Dream

Disclaimer: This post was a guest post that i blogged on the Ambitious Girls Club Blog back on August 18, 2014. The topic is still relevant and i wanted to personally share this post with my readers and make it readily accessible for you here on the Ambitious mix Blog. Enjoy!

making tough decisions

Fact; there are only 24 hours in a day and only seven days in a week.

The biggest gripe of ambitious individuals is the fact that there just does not seem to be enough hours in a day. When we were kids it seemed like we had all the time in the word. In fact, I remember thinking that adulthood couldn’t come fast enough. No one would be able to boss me around and I’d be able to do whatever I wanted. What we weren’t told about is the great amount of responsibility that comes with being an adult, thus cutting down on the time that we’re able to dedicate to things that we want to do.

If you’re anything like me –independent– and you have no one else to lean on but yourself, managing time becomes even more difficult. Try throwing kids in the mix! If you find yourself asking “how can I get more accomplished throughout the day?” You’re probably drunk with ambition and deserve a pat on the back; but some of us are not so drunk with ambition and may need some guidance on maximizing productivity without getting burned out; that’s where I come in! Speaking from experience, I know the struggle. I am juggling being a career in Corporate America while nursing my craft as a writer. No, I am currently not working in my field of choice, but I still have bills so I must do what I have to do until I can do what I want to do.

Here’s some tips to help you stay focused on the big picture:

Time management is key.
I cannot stress that enough. Every moment counts! Whenever you have free-time you should be working on your craft whether it be writing, acting or building that business that you want. For instance, I started writing this post on the treadmill during my lunch hour. 🙂 Remain focused and use your time effectively. If you know that you’re most alert in the morning, wake up earlier than you’d usually wake up and fit some time in to work on that dream of yours, even if it’s just for thirty minutes (vice versa, if you’re more productive at night). Try setting the timer on your phone if you have to (it works) and stick to that time schedule. Time yourself. After your 30 minutes is up, revert your focus to something else until your next allotted time frame. This particular method works best for me because it makes it easy to keep focused during my scheduled time. Which brings me to my next tip.


Plan, Plan, Plan.
You must have a plan A, B, C, D…etc.. all the way to the end of the alphabet. Be quick on your toes! If something doesn’t go as planned be prepared to adapt and react accordingly—this goes for scheduling and implementing. Learn to plan and adapt–in other words “go with the flow”.

Give yourself a break sometimes.
Aside from working that day job and working on your dream, take a break and simply live life. If not, you’ll burn out. Take a day or two out of the week and live! Bills can’t pay themselves, children can’t guide themselves and significant others can’t love themselves. Don’t become so busy that you don’t have time to manage your life. Once you start to let things slip, it can be very difficult to regain balance. It’s also extremely important to use some of that time alone; meditate and think about what it is that you really want out of life.

Balance is so important, if you can achieve balance, anything is possible. Now go out and chase those dreams ambitious folks!

Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!


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