Review: The Curve: BGK’s Tish first project

photo 1 (2)I suppose this is supposed to be a mixtape but I can’t help but feel that this has the look and feel of an album and so I will be referring to it as such. From beginning to end, Tish delivers truth emphasizing lyrics throughout her first project. She starts out strong on the first track titled “Forgive Me” which was giving me a Killa Cam and The Diplomats type vibe with the melodic intro of a sample that leads us to the pint sized rapping of Tish giving hella bars while the soulful crooning continued in the background. I’m not sure who was behind the organization of the album’s tracks and what order they play but they made a clever move because that first track alone hooked me and ensured that I’d go on to listen to the rest of the tracks. Kudos to you…whoever you are! The track that stood out to me the most was track five titled “The Get Down” in which Tish tells a very familiar story of what goes on in Black America today.


“Better pray young man for the peace, ‘cause the only piece we carry these days start in war. What a day for a dream Mr. Martin what chu say? Skittles and a Arizona took your son’s life away. Just another N***a face on the news, black blues. We starting to look the same, our president looks just like us, tell me which one to blame? You tell me which way to point! Any mini-miney-moe, bullets flying through the air, playing tag for ya soul. You better get down!”



photo 2 (2)
I’ve just provided a snippet from the song and I’m not sure if I got all the words right but I definitely recommend you listen to that track and the powerful lyrics that she brings. Down to the very last sentence in the song, she reminds us that it’s real out here. I can honestly say that this is a CD that I’ll be banging in my car while riding through the city or anywhere for that matter and yes it does bang in the whip. It’s an album that you can listen to while turning up with tracks like “Gold” , “Champagne Celebration” and another one of my favorites off the album titled “Block Party,”which recently released a music video and is available to view on You Tube. She gives us feel good music like “No95” which samples the beat from Al B Sure’s “Night and Day,” while ending the album with a track called “CMFGF” where the rapper tells her version of what it feels like being more than in Love. The hypnotic beat grabs me along with the lyrics that I can definitely relate to (as I’m sure we all can). The project starts strong and ends strong. What more can we ask for? I’m giving BGK’s Tish first project “The Curve” five claps. I can get with it and that’s 100.
If you haven’t already, check out my interviews that i conducted with the rapper last year and as always Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!


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