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Organization Spotlight: Cure Diva, stylish living through Breast Cancer

October is breast cancer awareness month and though it’s coming to an end , we can’t say the same for those diagnosed with breast cancer throughout the year. Year round, organizations like Cure Diva raise awareness year round because as we know breast cancer awareness doesn’t just go away as the month of of October ends. It’s something that we as women (and men) have to be constantly aware of. Cancer does not discriminate when it comes to age and anyone can be diagnosed at anytime. As much as we’re stressed about the importance of self-examinations and mammograms, what happens after the diagnosis? Many feel discouraged as they have to go through the agony of chemo, cutting their hair and mostly unfortunately removing the breast. In comparison to most breast cancer based organizations, Cure Diva works to uplift breast cancer survivors. Not only do they sell clothing and merchandise targeted toward breast cancer patients and survivors; The organization also posts survivor stories via Instagram and their blog which can be found at curediva.com/blog or IG: @curediva .

I stumbled across this wonderful organization when they randomly liked a photo on IG of myself wearing a pink blazer to work on October 1 to kick off breast cancer awareness month. I’m excited to share my interview with Dana, content editor of Cure Diva. Although very busy–especially with October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month– she took time out of her day to share the history of Cure Diva and help us better understand what Cure Diva represents.

AM: How did CureDiva come about?

CureDiva: Efrat Roman always knew that she would get cancer. Her sister, mother, grandmother, and four great-aunts are all survivors of ovarian or breast cancer. She thought the disease was something she was ready for, and yet at 41, as she underwent a double mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, three rounds of chemotherapy, and an additional four reconstructions, she realized that nothing could have prepared her for that deep sense of helplessness or the utter lack of control. Last week, six years after three cancerous tumors were found in her breast, she launched an e-commerce site, CureDiva.com.
“When it came to my day-to-day needs—when it came to my shallow and superficial day-to-day matters—I was clueless,” Roman says. “I couldn’t find any information that was really focusing on my new and ever-changing needs and it seemed really unreasonable.”
She didn’t just survive, she teamed up with two friends to create an all-encompassing one-stop-shop to help women maintain their lifestyles while fighting for their lives.

Cure Diva -hoe page

AM: How long has it been around?

CureDiva: Since 2012

AM: Does Cure Diva do anything “special” to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month?
Cure Diva: For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we offered sitewide deals all month long, such as “Buy More, Save More” and “4 for 3.” Everyday, we feature a note of inspiration from our Divas or vendors.

photo (7)

some of the products offered by Cure Diva

AM: What else should the readers know about CureDiva ?

CureDiva: CureDiva is the first ever personalized lifestyle solutions online shop for women facing Breast Cancer. CureDiva offers a one-of-a-kind high-end shopping and community platform that provides women at every breast cancer treatment phase with all of their lifestyle needs. CureDiva’s mission is to help women facing breast cancer better their lives with style.
Our product-discovery platform exposes these women to stylish and fashionable products and solutions. Its blog network connects them to a dedicated community of peers from whom they can receive both comfort and advice. Women undergoing harsh breast cancer treatments tend to be concerned with femininity issues. CureDiva.com addresses those issues.

What an inspiring interview! Short and sweet but so very meaningful. Familiarize yourself with this brand as well as Breast Cancer in general. Anyone of us can be diagnosed in the near future, if we’ve not already. It can be a daunting experience so why not go about it with style and grace.


Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!


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