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October Ambitious Woman of the Month: Asia Gholston, brand management consultant

Media Marketing Mogul–say that five times fast! A tongue twister most definitely but those are the first three words that came to mind when i thought about your October Ambitious Woman of the month. She’s been out here grinding and is a great example of what it means to be an ambitious woman who lives the ambitious lifestyle.

AmbitiousMixMeet Asia Gholston, a brand management consultant that is passionate about all things branding and loves her hometown of Detroit. She says she aspires to work in an advertising communication executive position with a large branding corporation but until then she’s freelancing her media services while working for CARAT, USA, where she works as an assistant buyer. As busy as she is, she was able to take part in a short interview and I’m glad that I’m able to share with my readers yet another ambitious person’s lifestyle.

AM: You’ve worked for quite a few known names within your industry…what was your favorite based on the level of knowledge you learned?

AG: That’s really hard to choose because even though they were all apart of the advertising/marketing industry, I learned something different at each company. At BET, I worked on Grass Roots Marketing. At Hello World (formerly ePrize), I learned the ins-and outs of sweepstakes marketing efforts (you’d be surprised about the wide range of things people are interesting in winning) and here at Carat I’m gaining more general digital advertising experience working with one of the top automotive companies.

AM: So, you’re currently working for Carat…tell us about what it is that you do there.

AG: At Carat, I am on the Digital Investment (buying) team. Our team handles the digital buying/negotiations for various media. I am also the Social Subject Matter expert, in which I get the opportunity to work with the Facebooks and Pinterests of the world.

AM: You’re also in business for yourself…what motivated you to go that route?


AG: During my fellowship with Challenge Detroit, I noticed that the non-profits/ local businesses that we had the opportunity to work with couldn’t afford the type of marketing/advertising services that companies I worked for offered. With the rise in traffic on various social media platforms that are essentially free, I just wanted to show them that there are ways to get your business out there without large budgets and within their owned and earned media.

AM: I saw that you traveled to the Virgin Islands to study its culture and advertising efforts. What did you learn while visiting?

AG: That was a few years ago… but I will say the main thing I took away is how important it is for you to know your audience. Somethings that are advertised there wouldn’t make it here in the States and vice versa. Where a ton of our advertising is more fun and upbeat “buy this because you’ll be cool and being cool is what you want”, their advertising is a little more serious and focuses on topics surrounding health, government regulations and safety concerns. Of course, we have a few of those and they have some upbeat advertising as well. It’s just different…I do, however, enjoy the bluntness of their advertising.I also learned that they are very serious about their lunch breaks.

AM: Where do you hope to see yourself in the next five to ten years?

AG: I’ll keep it simple….to make top 30 under 30 for advertising (not biased to any publication in particular). I have six years to make that happen, which will then set the tone for the next 5-10 years.

AM: What should we know about you?

AG: That question is so hard. This is just the beginning? Visit AsiaGholston.com for more information.


 Fun Facts:

Favorite Fall Activity: Celebrating my birthday! (If that doesn’t count then I’m a huge cider mill and movie fan).

Birthday Plans: I am actually traveling to the Dominican Republic for my birthday this year.

Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!


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