Intuitive Editorials

Why don’t you go against the grain?

Autumn 2014 will officially be branded the “try something new” season. Fall technically doesn’t start until the end of the month and the weather is still nice so this is the perfect time to check one more item off of your bucket list before the end of the summer. I’m always up for trying something new that’s why I was so excited to try Canoeing for the first time this past weekend. Despite the fact that I can’t swim, I actually love being on the water. It’s just something so calming about it.

1383357_10202560330550578_3239821574887972800_nLuckily, the water was shallow and in the event of the boat tipping over, I could just stand up to avoid drowning (lol). It was a wonderful experience to say the least and although my body was extremely tired when I got home, I could say I truly enjoyed myself and I was not alone. Ambitious Girls Club founder, Ryan Whaley, accompanied me along with her daughter. Being out on the water was very tranquil and the weather just happened to be perfect that day.

It was supposed to be a two-hour canoe ride but we finished it in about an hour and a half. We were able to get an awesome full-body work out while challenging ourselves to make it to the end of the course. No matter how many times we crashed we kept going. Isn’t that how we should look at life? If at first you don’t succeed, pick yourself up and try again. Also, step out of your comfort zone. Just because you’re use to going about things a certain way doesn’t mean that’s the only way to get to the finish line. There are times when people have done things out their comfort zone and it happened to the very thing that helped them get closer to where they wanted to be or simply brought along an unexpected blessing. Speaking from personal experiencing, there have been times where I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and great things have happened because of it, and on the flip side there were times when I’ve tried going against the grain and have regretted it. Life is short. We can’t always take the safe route because you won’t learn anything that way. At some point you will have to take risks but I want you to welcome risk-taking in a way where you’re accepting that something good could come from it. If you take the same way to work every day, try taking a different route tomorrow and really observe your surroundings as you do so. You’d be surprised at how many things you discover. Try grabbing a bite to eat at a restaurant that you’d never go to, you never know who you’ll end up meeting that day. A lot of us live our lives based on routines. We do the things that we do out of habit and we all know it takes 40 days to break a habit. No one is asking you to completely change your life but I’m just merely suggesting to change it up a little bit every once in a while. You’d be surprised with the results.


Stay Ambitious! Stay Motivated!



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