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September Ambitious Man of the Month: Dash

“Grind hard until you no longer have to introduce yourself”

Our September Ambitious Man of The Month is doing just that with a recent release of his first mix tape titled “Born to Win” hosted by DJ Young Mase and DJ Dinero. His art work is very eye catching with a checkered flag, translucent 100 dollar bill while he looks ever so chill yet deep in thought in what looks to be a vehicle, letting us know that he’s in a race and he’s in it to win it– well the look on his face tells us he knows he’s going to win! Upon the release of his mix tape, i saw several blogs jump board and i was thinking like, this guy is covering ground…and fast. Earlier this Summer, I’d conducted a short interview with him after meeting him at a fashion and music event where i was blown away by his energy. I was able to chop it up with him some time after that when he stopped by a friend of mines graduation party. It shows that although he’s constantly pounding the pavement and about his business, he’s never too busy to network and talk to his fans through the Ambitious Mix Blog. He’s cool people to say the least and that’s why I’m excited to give you a little bit more of the Ypsilanti Rapper by the name of DASH (IG: @ayeitsdash)

photo 2

AM: So you recently dropped your mix tape, refresh my memory… is this your first mix tape and if so how are you feeling after it’s release?
DASH: Yeah… it’s my first tape and I feel good about the response of it. A lot of people like it I didn’t expect such a big response for the first tape.
AM: When did you know that you wanted to be an artist?

DASH: I grew up watching artists like 50 cent, Lil Wayne and Jay-Z.  I was heavily influenced by them to write rhymes and I never took it that serious until I recorded my first song and the high I got from being in the booth had me addicted ever since.

AM: Where are you from?

DASH: I was born in Buffalo,NY & moved to Ypsilanti in 2006

AM: What are your plans going forward? Did i see that you were going to shoot a music video?

DASH: I’m working on an EP that’s set to drop this Winter and it’ll have some notable features on it. I’m excited for that…and yeah we’re almost done shooting the video.No release date yet though

AM: Lastly, what’s something that you want your fans to know or those aspiring to be an artist?

DASH: I want them to know that they are the backbone of the artists. Their support is the best gift in the world and I appreciate every single person who supports me.  I work extra hard to give them music they’ll love. Also to aspiring artists, just stay focused! Don’t let a few “NOs” discourage you because we all get a million of those. Keep pushing and find ways to better yourself musically but never lose sight of those that truly love you such as family and close friends.
photo 1
Dash’s mixtape can be heard on Datpiff.com or through the DatPiff app. Hard copies are also available by request. <—-follow him on IG to obtain more info about that
On that note…
Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!

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