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Life Lessons Pt. 3: Power of Attorney

Durable Power of Attorney: your representative in the case that you become ill and it prevents you from communicating. Facts: You can appoint anyone to be your agent-- a spouse, friend, adult child etc.. having this document does not guarantee that a doctor will automatically follow your wishes, especially, if it contradicted what,in their views, was a preferable alternative approach

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Why don’t you go against the grain?

Autumn 2014 will officially be branded the “try something new” season. Fall technically doesn’t start until the end of the month and the weather is still nice so this is the perfect time to check one more item off of your bucket list before the end of the summer.

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September Ambitious Man of the Month: Dash

"Grind hard until you no longer have to introduce yourself" Our September Ambitious Man of The Month is doing just that with a recent release of his first mix tape titled "Born to Win" hosted by DJ Young Mase and DJ Dinero. His art work is very eye catching with a checkered flag, translucent 100 dollar bill while he looks ever so chill yet deep in thought in what looks to be a vehicle, letting us know that he's in a race and he's in it to win it-- well the look on his face tells us he knows he's going to win! He's cool people to say the least and that's why I'm excited to give you a little bit more of the Ypsilanti Rapper by the name of DASH (IG: @ayeitsdash)