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Aspire to plan for the unexpected introduction to the Life Lessons series

“Anticipate the worst case scenarios beyond our control and exert some control over them — to the extent that we are able through planning and fore thought, when we are strong and healthy.” — Suze Orman, Women and Money


I’ve been reading Suze Orman’s Women and Money for quite some time now and i must say this book is truly a valuable resource to have. She teaches us to not only take charge of our current financial situations but to plan ahead. Most of us aren’t thinking ahead that far and find it difficult to ever be prepared for curveballs that are thrown our way, but we must try. Certain situations that can happen may put our loved ones in situations that they hadn’t planned for either.

We must always plan with a “what-if” scenario in mind so that we can protect ourselves and our loved ones. I’ll be posting a series of blog posts that focuses on educating you (the reader) about important documents and investments that you may have not thought you needed but everyone needs them at some point or another and you can’t utilize something if you don’t know how.

That’s where i come in. I’m here to help you understand why these investments are important and what you need to do to take part in getting on the right track and planning for the unexpected.

Stay tuned! Part 1 is will be up soon.


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