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August Ambitious Woman of the Month: The artist formally known as Tish

What would we do without music? How would we navigate through life if it virtually did not exist? We couldn’t and it’d be impossible for it not to because there are so many different elements that make music what it is. Instrumental, acapella, adding poetic words to a tight beat or a mellow rhythm and even what we know as opera are all elements of music. Music exists in every language. It feeds the soul and heals the heart.
It is sometimes the only thing that helps make sense of our lives when we simply cannot explain what it is that we’re experiencing or feeling. Without music, we would probably cease to exist. Perhaps that’s just my take on things, after all, I am an avid lover of all music and I use to be in both band and choir in grade school. August is my favorite month because it also happens to be my birth month so I suppose it’s only right that our August Ambitious Woman of the Month be an up and coming Detroit artist who goes by the name “Tish”.

Detroit Artist Tish
Detroit Artist Tish

You may remember her name from a brief interview I conducted with her at Highly Exclusive’s Fashion Bash event that took place at the end of June. Upon completion of her brief interview, I was thoroughly impressed with her performance and i knew I had to feature her.
Tish gives us a bird’s eye view of her journey to become a musical artist in this tough entertainment industry.

Rapper/singer Tish doesn’t claim it to be a “walk in the park” but says creating music has helped her to take the time to appreciate the little things and the people who support and believe in her on a daily basis.

Check out her interview below:

AM:Where are you from and where did you grow up?

TISH: I’m from Detroit, born and raised. I grew up all over the city including the east side and Highland Park, but I spent most of my life growing up on the west side of the city, more so in the Six Mile and Greenfield area.

AM: I see that you’re attending college. What are you studying in school?

TISH: Actually, i just graduated in May with my bachelor’s in Advertising with a concentration in business management and marketing from Michigan State University 😀

photo 3AM: Well, congrats to you, that’s a major accomplishment! So that explains why I’m now seeing you in the studio a lot… what’s that like?

TISH: It’s pretty fun and very therapeutic. If I’m recording something for my own project, I’m usually alone 99% of the time. I prefer go to the studio without an entourage of people because it’s less distracting and it allows me to focus and  fall into my comfort/creative space. My must-have essentials when working in the studio is a notebook, my phone and it used to be a red bull but I recently cut back on those because I was becoming addicted (LOL).

Depending on the type of song I’m recording, a session can run about three to five hours.  At first, my sessions would run longer but over time I’ve learned how I work best and how my producer works as well. Over time, I’ve shortened my studio sessions to get the most efficient and effective sound. On average, i record about two songs per session.

photo 2

When I’m in the studio working on someone else’s song, it goes by pretty quick. I lay my verse down and do whatever the other artist asks because they’ll have their own concept as to how they want to hear the song recorded. The only person I may spend hours collaborating ideas with is my partner in music of BGK (Belief Growth and Kinship), Shaun Carlo. We have a pretty good chemistry both musically and outside of the studio.

AM: What have you learned about yourself throughout this journey?

TISH: Writing and recording my own music has taught me a lot about myself musically. When I first started recording, it was difficult for me to adjust. I didn’t have a feel for my sound or style, and the process of  committing my verses to memory were at first difficult and nothing came out how I wanted it to. Over time, I’ve grown within my craft and have become better at every aspect of recording.

photo 1

AM: Tell us about your mix tape… it’s due to come out in a couple of months right?

TISH: The name of my mix tape is called “The Curve”. I named it that for a couple reasons. One is because I’ve decided to really pursue my dreams. All my life, I’ve had a passion for music whether it was in production, playing instruments, writing, and now being behind the mic. Deciding that I wanted to take music serious and pursue it as a potential career has most definitely been a huge step for me. Being the shy person that I am, putting myself out there for people to judge was not easy. I figured, naming my mix tape “The Curve” perfectly describes the slight turn in direction I recently decided to take in my life. Another reason I named my mix tape “The Curve” is because it suits the music I compiled for the tape and because I wanted to kind of hit people with a curve ball –as cliche as that may sound (lol). Being able to give people something slightly different coming from a young female emcee is something I hope to accomplish after releasing my project. I think that people who know me are already kind of shocked by the few things they’ve heard me on whether it be a feature, my two video releases, or previous cypher/showcase videos I’ve done. I’m a very soft spoken and shy type of person so to see this side of me is a curve ball in itself (lol)… but to those people who are seeing/meeting me for the first time as “Tish, the girl in BGK, who raps” , I want to be perceived as something different within the music world. The tape has a few different sounds that I hope will standout and that people can enjoy. I don’t have a release date but it is safe to say that it’ll be released in a couple months (lol).


AM: What’s your advice to aspiring musicians and what are some things that we may need to know when it comes to the music game?

TISH: Uhhh… I’m still new to the game myself so I don’t know too much :/ –but what I can tell you is a few things that I’ve learned in the short amount of time I’ve been involved in the local Detroit music scene. I think that if you are aspiring to be a musician, then it should be something that is truly your passion and something that you care about wholeheartedly and want to do so bad that you don’t think about anything else. There are so many “aspiring musicians” but most of them aren’t really passionate about it, and that takes away from those who truly are. It’s hard enough to get people to give your craft a try, but the fact that it’s so over-saturated doesn’t help much. It’s also important to know that you have to sacrifice and dedicate a lot of your time, money, and feelings into your craft as well. You have to be willing and ready to invest. With the way things are moving so quickly today it’s hard to get anyone’s attention. In order to really create a buzz or movement you have to work on your craft constantly and believe that no matter what it can work. I’d also say that it’s important to have a team behind you. I’m so grateful to have a working team as BGK behind me who pushes and invests and believes in the movement just as much as I do. I think having that push behind you helps you to really make things happen and reach a lot of people.

Other than that, I’d just advise anybody, in whatever they’re doing, to love and appreciate their journey. Appreciate the mistakes and lessons learned, the growth, the ups and downs. I’ve been at very low points emotionally and financially since I’ve started my music career but the growth and self motivation you learn to focus on throughout the entire process is a beautiful thing. I’ve really taken the time out to appreciate the little things, the people around me who believe in me and the process as a whole. It’s all a growing/learning process. At the end of the day, knowing that you’re doing and going after something that you love is worth every experience that comes across your path.

You heard it here first!

Stay ambitious, stay motivated!




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