Fashion Bash 2014 showcases up and coming talent around Metro Detroit

On June 27, 2014, I attended an event called Fashion Bash put on by Highly Exclusive Co. It was a beach-party-themed event and upon my RSVP i didn’t know what to expect or what type of event I’d be attending on that day. What i did know was i was honored to have been invited to be apart of what would be perhaps the livest event in Detroit that Friday night. As “Metro Detroit’s Paparazzi for the Ambitious at Heart” i try to be on the scene as much as possible so that I’m not missing a beat. I’m glad that i was able to attend the event as i met some fresh up- and coming musical talent in and around Detroit. Take a look at some photos from the event and some short interviews that i was able to conduct before and after some of the performances.

Fashion Bash 024Meet TJ the R&B singer.

He performed two songs off of his mixtape titled “Did She Say TJ?” He says his most popular song is a song called Keisha (on the mix tape).

Fashion Bash 156



He did not perform that particular song that night however, the two songs that he did perform had the ladies in the crowd googly-eyed (including myself) with his soulful crooning and gorgeousness all wrapped in one package. I think he has the looks and the talent to go far in this industry. I’m looking forward to hearing more music from this artist.







Fashion Bash 043

Refers to himself as an artist. He sings, raps and plays instruments. He only performed one song that night but i could see from talking to him that he has a bright future. The song he performed is a new song of his that talks about “problems”.

Fashion Bash 076 Fashion Bash 077“We all have problems and I have problems of my own that can’t be seen. But people can’t focus on mine when they have their own problems.”


Larue says he dropped a couple of mix tapes in college but he has nothing new out right now.

“What I do takes me around the world. I work for an organization called New Look and it was founded by Usher Raymond. He(Usher) founded the non-profit organization in 1999. Larue head’s up the programs here in Detroit. “We work with youth in Milwaukee, Atlanta , New York , Los Angeles and Detroit.” Larue says that he likes to interact and engage so he believes he has supporters rather than fans. “Fans come out just to listen –supporters interact.”



                                                           Dash: The Rapper

Fashion Bash 046What can i say about this young man? Upon first impression, it was positive vibes,eagerness and i could tell he was already in “Go Mode”. When it was his time to perform he made sure that i didn’t miss it and i am impressed to say the least. He was probably the livest performer there. Passionate about his music is an understatement! I’m a big music head so i love to see artist that are serious about what they’re doing and have the talent to go along with it.

Dash refers to himself as a rapper but says he does “a little bit of everything”.

He has a mix tape dropping in a few weeks called “Born to Win”. Fashion Bash 170 Fashion Bash 175 Fashion Bash 176 Fashion Bash 185 Fashion Bash 194 Fashion Bash 187




“I have about 15 tracks on there that I’ve been working on for six months and it’ll be dropping soon. Other than that I’ve just been working and doing features.”

Follow Dash on IG and Twitter @ayeitsdash . “I definitely need more followers so go follow me,” he says.

Dash performed two songs: “Deal with it” ft Stephon and “Blew my high”. He says these are two songs that he performs the most. Dash says he wants his fans to know that he’s serious and willing to work.

“I’m out here grinding and all I want is positive eyes.”





















Fashion Bash 135When Tish went on stage to perform, i thought “Ok, cute girl. She’s probably getting ready to sing.” Oh how i was wrong! She’s a rapper and she spits fire at that. *Jaw drops to the floor* She reminds me of a young Nicki Minaj(I love me some Nicki), not that they have similar styles but because based on appearance you don’t really know what you’re going to get until mouths open and the beat drops. I was impressed to say the least and i knew i needed to snag an interview with her after her performance. Fashion Bash 118 “I’ve been seriously rapping about a year and a half now and I’ve always been involved in music but I just got serious.”

She says her group BGK (Belief Growth and Kinship) made her get into rapping seriously. “Basically, they pushed me to do it. One day we were in the basement and a guy was rapping and I started free-styling and they were like yeah you definitely need to start rapping.” Fashion Bash 119


She doesn’t have a mix tape out yet but says she has two singles out. “One of them isn’t really a single it’s more so a freestyle,” she says.

She anticipates her mix tape is coming out in about two months and it’s called “The Curve”. “I don’t really have a date set for it yet but it’s coming,” Tish says.

She says although her fan base is small (more so family oriented), she wants her future fans to know that you can do whatever you put your mind to. “You can create a movement if you really believe in it,” she says.

When you get a chance check out her website at



Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to interview every artist that performed or even the event organizers due to time constraints but i enjoyed myself and met some awesome people.


Check out more photos below from the event.

Fashion Bash 051
Hershey, song writer from Ypsilanti,MI poses for a photo with rapper Dash. He’s written songs for Dash and some other artists from Ypsilanti. He says he’s been writing since 2008.


Fashion Bash 111
Talking Shit Zo
Fashion Bash 150
We love that ambition
Fashion Bash 141
IG @Visionairev rocking her Highly Exclusive fit
Fashion Bash 222
IG @Ivyleaguecj_ — another live performer

Fashion Bash 217 Fashion Bash 229 Fashion Bash 109 Fashion Bash 091 Fashion Bash 069 Fashion Bash 064 Fashion Bash 061 Fashion Bash 224


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