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Catching up with Tea and Push of F.S.C.L

photo 1Summer is fast approaching! The days are longer meaning there are more things to get accomplished—at least that’s the mindset of those living the ambitious lifestyle. Luckily, I was able to catch-up with this busy yet colorful duo in-between their meetings, branding and fashion shows to see what’s new with FSCL clothing.

AM: Every time I look up I see FSCL clothing… how’s FSCL doing today? What has FSCL been up to?
FSCL: Since the interview, our exposure level has grown and more people are seeing F.S.C.L.! Not only here in Detroit, but outside of Michigan also. The feeling is great! Knowing that there are people from New York, Chicago, Orlando to Los Angeles who are wearing F.S.C.L.

As of right now we’re going back to the Windy City (aka, Chicago) for another show and then we’ll be all over Florida for another set of shows.
AM: As much marketing and publicity that I’m seeing for FSCL, is it safe to say that you’ve grown your team since the last time we’ve talked?
FSCL: We’ve been blessed to work with so many people who were willing to let us be who we are and not confine us in a box. Normally, you’d get people who’d say “I want this, I want that…so that I can look like this or look like that”. The people whom we’ve worked with just tell us to “do our thing” and they just… rock with us; they trust us and that encourages us even more to complete the task at hand. Whether it be styling for a model shoot in F.S.C.L (clothing), or completing a F.S.C.L. personalized piece for a client or whatever the case may be. We work hard to provide the best F.S.C.L. experience to our clients. If we provide that great experience, they go out and talk about F.S.C.L. which directs more attention toward what we’re doing at F.S.C.L. –some classify that as marketing but we’re just really excited that they’re having a good time feeling and looking good in F.S.C.L.!

photo 3

You heard it here from Tea and Push of Fresh Shit Clothing Line (FSCL) who want us to forever remember to “never die broke.”


To learn more about Tea and Push, read their exclusive interview here where they were featured as our November 2013 Ambitious Men of the month.

Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!


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