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May Ambitious Man of the Month : DL Perrett

After organizing Neon Valley Streets, Detroit Fashion Designer DL Perrett took some time to let us in on some of his upcoming projects as well as how he’s approached Fashion Design in general. Last month, i introduced you to Brianna Curry, a fresh face in the Fashion Design world and this month i am bringing you someone whose been pursuing this for quite a few years, from all aspects and with a male twist.


AM: How long have you been designing?
DLP: I’ve been formally designing for about 4 solid years. It took a while to really find my aesthetic and perspective in fashion and art.

AM: When did you know you wanted to create clothing?
DLP: There were a few different moments and factors that inspired my interest in fashion and design. Early in my teen years I noticed that the options available for Men or Luxury size women were few and lack luster. Whenever I walk into clothing stores I’m reminded why I love to design. There isn’t any personality in fashion today.




AM: How long is the process of designing a piece from start to finish (for you)?DL Perret 113
DLP: Creating a garment depends on the details and intricacy of the design. For one of my more difficult pieces, it would take me three full nine hour days. One day for pattern-making and two for constructions (and accidentals) 🙂 .



AM: Advice to aspiring clothing designers?
DLP: Listen to your inner voice, meditate and remember that your designs are not only a reflection of your skills but your personality and personal statement to the world. Understand that you have the power to out shadow trends. You can inspire and create change!! Most importantly, the times that you feel no one understands or supports your efforts, know that you can encourage yourself. 


    AM: Any Upcoming shows or event?
DL Perret 107DLP: Starting this summer, I have a few projects and events that I will be producing and/or participating in. During the summer, I’ll be kicking off a Community Mural Initiative to paint the abandon areas in color (ART); anyone can volunteer. I was also just invited to participate in the Fuller Women Expo in Toronto Canada in July. This August, I will be producing an all-male showcase event titled MALE REVUE. Lastly, I plan to host a small model workshop this fall, mentoring about seven models; both male and female.


DL Perrett


Stay Ambitious! Stay Motivated


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