Neon Valley Streets : A place you’ve never been…well I’ve certainly never been here

Neon Valley Streets.

Organized by DL Perrett and hosted by Maria of Romelo Events.

A night of talented singers singing about love, spoken word poetry about life issues that are both spoken about and those swept under the rug. Delicious food, cocktails, beautiful displays of art and stylish event attendees.
Disco balls light the room with neon lights.. Vendors are in place to bring you their products at your convenience. A DJ , live photo shoots and delicious food was just the icing on the cake for this unique mesh of events all wrapped into one night.


Stay tuned, as I’ll be releasing an exclusive interview with Mr. DL Perrett himself as he is our May ambitious Man of the Month


Until then, check out some photos from the event that took place Saturday, April 26, 2014 at The Spiritually Sound Church in Detroit–see photos below:


DL Perret 005 DL Perret 007 DL Perret 009 DL Perret 010 DL Perret 012 DL Perret 014 DL Perret 015 DL Perret 021 DL Perret 026 DL Perret 027 DL Perret 030 DL Perret 032 DL Perret 033 DL Perret 036 DL Perret 049 DL Perret 061 DL Perret 080 DL Perret 089 DL Perret 092 DL Perret 098 DL Perret 107 DL Perret 113 DL Perret 125 DL Perret 128 DL Perret 150 DL Perret 152

DL Perret
Backstage with the models
DL Perret
Mr. DL Perret himself

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