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April Ambitious Woman of the Month

Spring is almost in the air and we’re all obsessing about the new spring fashions, what we’ll be wearing this summer and who will see us in it. We all like clothes to some extent or another and our favorite pieces are evident by what we’re seen wearing the most, whether it’s sweats, yoga pants, a body con dress or the latest designer jeans. fashion runway

Over the years I’ve discovered that there are those that appreciate a certain style of clothes and THOSE THAT LOVE AND LIVE FASHION.

Now let’s be clear, I’m not referring to those whose style changes with every trend… I refer to these people as “Trendsters”.


Trendsters are the type of people that get hip to top name designers far later than true fashionistas and start buying anything as small as a t-shirt with that particular label on it just to say they own something from the clothing line. I.E. YSL, Michael Kors and True Religion (for now)
trendsterTrendsters lack a true appreciation for the clothing design itself. After all, there’s so much work that goes into designing clothes and clothes are not just meant to be worn, they’re meant to be experienced.
I could go on and all about fashion especially because I consider myself to be on the ‘fashionista’ side of things because I’ve always had an attitude like,” I don’t care how popular a style or trend is, if it’s not made with a certain type of material or just isn’t me, I won’t wear it. It’s all a part of being an individualist and seeing that we’re in the era of individualism, it’s a great time for our April Ambitious Woman of the Month to pursue her lifelong passion of being a Fashion Designer.

4.8.2014 021

Meet Brianna Curry:

A single mother in her 20s who’s been designing clothes for about a year now.
She’s always had a knack for designing clothes tracing back to childhood but she says she didn’t really put her all into it until about a year ago.
Prior to Fashion Designing, Brianna was into making crafts, creating D.I.Y projects, graphic design, jewelry and photography.
“I was heavy into each and every one of those things at different times in my life,” Brianna says.

She considers herself the “Jill of all trades.”
“I’m really into all forms of visual art and I love creating it,” she says.
During her childhood, she would start clothing projects but never finished them due to her short attention span. She admits that she didn’t have the patience back then and an extreme amount of patience is necessary when sewing clothes if you want it done properly. 4.8.2014 015
“As I got older, I started reading high fashion magazines like Teen Vogue, Vogue, Elle Magazine, Interview, ect…and it gave me this idea to try to learn to make high fashion looking garments at low cost for myself.
Brianna says she learns new things every day, and while she’s starting with basics, she one day hopes to design high fashion garments for women and children like those seen in our favorite magazines.

4.8.2014 016
“Out of all the things that I’ve taken interest in, fashion design has my full attention. It’s fun and everyone always want something custom to wear these days,” Brianna said.
“It’s also a great means of income for me as a single mother. I had to get creative in my thinking on how to make money for our family and I’m the type of person that feels like if you love doing something and your good at doing something, then try to make money off it to help support you or to just bring in some extra money.”


Process makes perfect

4.8.2014 014
According to our ambitious woman of the month, the time involved in the process to create something varies. She says it depends on what a person orders and how many orders are ahead of them.
“Personally, I try to finish whatever is ordered within a week or two. If I know I have other orders ahead of a person, I let them know the wait will be a little longer,” she says.
A standard order usually requires at least a couple of fittings before the final product can be complete.

4.8.2014 011
“My favorite thing to create is Dresses and for all occasions! I love to create beautifully fitting dresses that make women feel beautiful,” Brianna says.



Advice to aspiring Fashion Designers
IMG_1506“Learn fashion from top to bottom. Research top designers and what they’re known for designing. Make sure to stay up to date with the current trends. Learn fashions of different eras in time— that’s very important to remember because fashions repeats itself. It’s rare to see something  that doesn’t resemble something designed in a previous era of time. Many people think designing sounds fun and they see others successful at it so they want to do it as well but it’s important to have background knowledge of the art of fashion; there’s more to it than buying a machine and just diving in. First, love and appreciate other designers and their craft. If you find yourself fascinated with all those different things and have a willingness to learn than fashion is for you!

Follow her on IG : @Love_elsie , Love_elsie_designs and @Petunia_Lou (her children’s line) to follow her designing journey.

Stay Ambitious! Stay Motivated!


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