March Ambitious Man of the Month : Revon Yousif

I think this is becoming my favorite time the year…March Madness!  Mardi Gras was March 4th, shortly after we get to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on March 17 and Spring begins on March 20th. The best thing about celebrating Mardi Gras are the colorful masks that you get to wear when celebrating. You can be anyone you want be at a masquerade. You know what else is associated with masks is Drama.Drama The Theatre masks represent the division between comedy and tragedy stemming from the Greek names: Thalia, which was the muse for comedy (the laughing face) and Melpomene the Muse for Tragedy (weeping face). Only the truly talented can go from laughter to crying on cue, which brings me to our next topic.

Allow me to introduce our March Ambitious Man of The Month, Revon Yousif, an Oakland University (my alma mater) student and aspiring actor from Sterling Heights.

image-2Yousif has been acting a total of four years starting after he graduated from High school and with just a few semesters to go before he graduates from college, he is determined to invest all of his free time in all things acting—and that he did!

He’s starring in a full-length Sci-fi/ action thriller titled “2101,”directed by Kyle Misak and set to release May 2014.  The film centers on Shia Collins and his two best friends after they discover a device that reveals information about the future. While learning how to use it they realize the importance of keeping the device out of the wrong hands.


Yousif began his career after landing small roles in big Hollywood movies such as Scream 4 and from working on national commercials and feature films right here in Michigan. Other works include “Good News,” his second Michigan feature film and he starred on an episode of Lee Martin’s “The Midnight Hour.”

“I was so excited when Seger contacted me about ‘2101’,” Yousif said.

“Upon reading the script, I knew I wanted to be a part of this film.”

The Beginning

“I knew I wanted to act since I was in 9th grade,” Yousif said.


It started with the student teacher in his ninth grade science class telling him (Yousif) that he was very charismatic. Yousif admits that he didn’t know what that meant so he asked her and she responded, “it’s a trait that actors have.”


“That’s when I started to think about acting as a career,” Yousif said.


“Once I started to do it, I knew it was for me.” 


Although he loves all genres of movies his favorite to act in (thus far) is action/psychological thriller/drama—apparently that all falls under one category. J


Present Day

‘The process of creating a film is longer than people think,” Yousif said.

The process of filming a movie takes place in three parts: Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production (I know that to be fact from taking TV Production classes myself)


“People think filming (production) the movie takes the longest but surprisingly it’s usually the shortest amount of time,” Yousif said.


Speaking from personal experience, he said pre-production and post-production typically take longer because it depends on the budget of the film.


‘I’ve filmed a full length feature in 8 days and another that took three months, so it just depends,” he said.


 “It’s different in every case. A normal Hollywood studio feature film will probably take about a year and a half to two years (from beginning to end) with the filming aspect only taking about three to five months. 


Advice to aspiring actors/actresses


Yousif said he finds it difficult to give advice to aspiring actors being that he’s in the same boat.


“One thing I have learned is you (the aspiring actor) have to COMMIT to it 100%. it’s not one of those careers that you can study, get a degree and start applying for jobs. It’s a full time job that’s constant and ongoing thing. Also, you have to teach yourself to let go of your insecurities and put yourself out there. Open yourself up and make yourself vulnerable to your performance… that’s when it looks real.”


You heard it here.


Stay Ambitious! Stay Motivated! 


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