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Monday Mix: Are you dying of loneliness? Black Jeopardy…offensive or nah?


Topic 1: According to Fox 2 News Detroit, “studies show that extreme loneliness is a risk factor for early death.”

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Unfortunately, because I’m part of the population that is TRULY single (no side dude, exes that are pretty much still my boyfriend, or boos on standby) which means I have absolutely no one of romantic interest in my corner—which is fine. What bothers me the most about this news report is the fact the there seems to constantly be a study being done which they won’t tell you is probably biased based on the fact that only certain types of people were surveyed and you’d never know that unless you read the actual study. I know not to take what I hear on TV as literal because I took a class on this very thing called Intro To Research Design when my minor was still Psychology in college(I later switched it to Communication).

The class taught you how studies were created and how these researchers conducted these in-depth experiments and surveys. It was a very complex class, in fact I ended up changing my minor right after. Luckily, knowledge never leaves you because I know better than to listen to the evening news when it tells me that I’m going to die soon because I’m single. We all know that eventually another study will come out proving the current study wrong. It happens like that all the time. Besides, this would only apply to lonely people… right? Just because you’re single, doesn’t mean you’re lonely. One can be in what is perceived as a serious relationship and feel like the loneliest person in the world…I know firsthand, because that was me.

Once again, society has put emphasis on the importance of being with “someone”.  According to the study, high blood pressure was linked to being lonely. High blood pressure is linked to stress in general. So, if you’re dealing with someone that brings your stress…guess what you’re blood pressure will be high too. (I know people who suffered from this very issue) Please don’t feel pressured to be with or around people all the time. At some point, you’ll have to learn how to be alone. I recommend learning how because everyone needs time to regroup and you cannot do that when someone’s in your face all the time… or can you? What do you ambitious folks think? Feel free to comment below. I’d really like to know you’re opinion on this.

Topic 2: #GhettoJeopardy is a trending topic on twitter that has made its photo (5)way to Instagram. I’m easily entertained so it doesn’t take much to make me laugh(confessions of a silly girl) however, after scrolling through the #GhettoJeopardy pics and tweets, a feeling of shame washed over me as an African-American woman. It wasn’t so much that I was embarrassed by the posts but more so embarrassed that #BlackTwitter and #BlackInstagram as usual, are the most participating of everybody in these posts. We love to put each down and I don’t understand why? It’s Black History month and our race has been through so much adversity in the past but we’ve come a long way. The struggles of our ancestors is lost among this generation. You don’t get it and you don’t care. It’s sad to see stereotypes about my people that are mostly true. We’re maybe the easiest culture to stereotype because in reality the things that people profile us for –a large percentage of us do. We have all these young black men being killed over stereotypes and being racial profiled because they think that all Black people are the same; when that is the furthest thing from the truth. The phrase “one person can ruin it for everybody” holds very true in our society. What bothers me the most is that fact that we think skin color makes someone superior within our own culture when at the end of the day we are all African-American.  I am what is considered to be brown skinned/ or dark –skinned (depending on the time of the year) and I have more going for myself than a number of “Light skinned” people that I know. In fact, I know a lot of women that are not “light skinned” making close to six-figure salaries(and making six-figures and beyond)  legally and without having to degrade themselves. If you think your skin color makes you more superior over another person that just screams SELF-ESTEEM ISSUES—and it also holds us to the number one stereotype that “Black People are ignorant”. Black Men and Women …WE HAVE TO DO BETTER! Love each other, stop stealing from each other, stop killing each other. Respect your Black women no matter what color their skin is, if she deserves respect, give it and carry yourself with respect as well. Every black woman doesn’t want to be a baby mama, side chick or 20-year girl friend. Learn to commit, whether it’s in relationships, jobs or something you’d promised someone you’d do. Let’s kill that title that we are the lazy race. Less talking more action! Our ancestors fought too hard.

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If you can stand in line for Jordan’s and arrange to get tickets to buy them but don’t have a retirement fund, college fund for your kids (if you even see them) or have a life insurance policy let alone a legit drivers license and car insurance. You need to reevaluate your life and priorities. I will say this, I think our generation is better at taking care of their kids than the last generation but try to keep the number of baby mamas down. #RealTalk Try marriage before kids or be a little more careful in your endeavors.

I’d like to know your opinion on this topic as well. Comment below!

Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated


4 thoughts on “Monday Mix: Are you dying of loneliness? Black Jeopardy…offensive or nah?”

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