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Wednesday’s Wisdom: Why should i listen to you?

photo (4)I “re-grammed” a photo to my Instagram page that I agreed with if more than anything that I’ve ever posted. It came in the nick of time because it speaks about something that’s been on my mind for a while now. I browse my social networks and all I see is recycled quotes and recycled content in general. Everyone, all of a sudden wants to be deemed an “expert” at whatever subject matter of their choosing. I see people consistently post about the same things every day in hopes of gaining followers…. And it works!

Here’s the part that gets bothering:

I see content re-posted without proper attribution being given.  People pass off knowledge as if it’s their own and their followers eat it up. I see people do this on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and blogs.  In the journalism world that’s the equivalent of committing a murder—you just can’t do that and get away with it. Why? …because sometimes things are proven wrong, and when they are, people want to know where the expert got its “sources” or in other words “proof” from. Honestly, if I’m looking to someone for tips, I’d prefer for that person to have some sort of personal experience on the subject matter. It’s easy to read something and re-post it. I think to myself, “there’s a lot of people out here giving advice but what makes you credible?”


Why should I listen to you? You talk it but have you lived it? One cannot give business tips having never owned or attempted to own a business. If you’ve never been there you can’t advise me on how to get there. You post bible scriptures, but do you attend church services or at least pray daily. One thing you’ll never have to worry about on this blog is the legitimacy of  info. The content that I provide is based on personal experiences (and everything else that I’ve not personally experienced  )I provide interviews of people that have.

A quick run-down of some of my credentials:

-I’ve been writing poems and short stories since childhood

-I won first place in a story writing contest in the fifth grade where i wrote and illustrated a comic-like story that encouraged children to say “no to drugs.”

-I’ve was published in the Michigan’s poets book in the 7th grade for a poem I wrote encouraging children to take the MEAP test.

-I created a series in the 8th grade and finished it my junior year of high school which I’ll one day turn into a book.

-I always wanted a talk show, so I took TV Production classes as a trade in High school thus further sparking my interest in the journalism.

-I have a Bachelors of Art in Journalism

*Point taken – I love to express myself through writing , video and photography and will one day own a business that offers all of these services. #Fact

Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!


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