Monday Mix: NAIAS… you going or nah?

It’s that time of year again.

Doing Ratchet things with my colleagues :)
Doing Ratchet things with my colleagues 🙂

Time to do what the Motor City does best: come together to view the selection of up and coming vehicles that have made it into production whether standard, fully- loaded or limited edition. It’s only right that I make this topic our first Monday Mix of the year especially because this time last year I was granted access to the press preview,

2103NAIAS Credentials which gave me access to all the other days free of charge as well (excluding the Charity preview…oh how I wish.) How awesome is it to get special access to the North American International Auto Show before it is released to the general public? No worrying about the cluster of people standing around your dream vehicle while you attempt to check out the specs only to find that you can’t see over the 6-foot-8 guy blocking your view.

There’s no standing in line to sit in your dream vehicle—one can actually enjoy the features and daydream about one day owning it without worrying about the next person’s “turn” to get into the vehicle. It was pretty clutch and I don’t think I’ll be attending this year solely because I’ve experienced that. Once you get those exclusive privileges… it’s hard to go back to basic. I’m just saying. Maybe in the near future I’ll be writing a post about attending the Charity Preview. 🙂 

Just wanted to share that memory with you. My, how time flies!

The schedule for the 2014 NAIAS is posted below for your leisure and while you’re at it check out my article that I wrote on Oakland University’s Society of Automotive Engineering and their showcase at the 2013 NAIAS. I wonder if they’ll be presenting this year?  

Read Article Here –> http://www.oaklandpostonline.com/news/article_20d56027-6308-5ad5-b88b-3dc3b9aebcd1.html

*Press Preview – January 13-14, 2014

*Industry Preview – January 15-16, 2014

*Charity Preview – January 17, 2014

*Public Show – January 18-26, 2014


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