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Drunk with Ambition …or Nah?

Top of the first quarter; what are your thoughts? What’s on your goals list? What’s of high priority?

Reflecting as usual
Reflecting as usual

“January”— The month of New Year’s resolutions that only serve relevance during the first two weeks of the year. Magically, they’re forgotten soon after and most of us go back to our regularly scheduled programs. It’s not easy breaking habits, daily routines that don’t really benefit us but rather serve as a convenience. Convenience is comfort and most of us will pay for convenience, I know I will.

We as humans favor ease because it’s comfortable to our lives. Let’s be honest no one really likes to work… ON PURPOSE. We only like to work if we feel we are benefiting from it up front but there comes a point in some of our lives where we realize that to really get what you want you have to WORK HARD up front to get the results that you so desire. The results that actually benefit you, whether it’s physically, mentally or spiritually. Hard work does pay off! Take it from me, I know firsthand. Unlike King Bey, I cannot say I’m “Drunk in Love,” however, I can say I’m DRUNK WITH AMBITION (one thing that’s always remained consistent).

One becomes “Drunk with Ambition” when they’ve been able to experience the fruits of their labor. Enough is never enough and success becomes the greatest high of all. It’s what being high off life feels like. Keep in mind that there is no clear picture of what success really is. Success means different things to different people who are at different stages in their lives.

Drunk with Ambition or Nah?
Drunk with Ambition or Nah?

To one person, success could mean landing a great job fresh out of college with a salary that allows them to pay off their student loans in two years. Another person may view success as the ability to become a successful entrepreneur whose company/vision impacts the lives of others in a positive way, while still turning profit. Some people consider getting married and starting a family with the one that they love “success,” where on the other hand you have some people that feel successful just off the strength of their children having the same mother and father. The definition of Success is truly based on the individual and what’s important to them in life. Is it True Love, Wealth, Self-Fulfillment, Spirituality or Power that drives you? Maybe it’s all four… if it is then you may be drunk with ambition. You strive to be successful in all areas of your life that are important to you. You’re the type of person who “feels some type of way” if one of these areas in your life is out of balance but you keep pushing because you’re a fighter and far from a quitter.

Perhaps to some of you it seems as if I’m talking about a whole lot of nothing but hopefully this little pep talk will push some of you in the right direction. It’s January, make that short term and long-term goals list and challenge yourself to accomplish everything on your short-term list. The satisfaction of doing that should be enough to keep you motivated to tackle that long-term list. It’s a cycle and it’s levels to being successful—no matter what it may be that you’re trying to accomplish. Write it down and put it into action. Let 2014 be the year that you are DRUNK WITH AMBITION!


Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated


3 thoughts on “Drunk with Ambition …or Nah?”

  1. I really liked the way you broke down how a person’s goals depends on each individual. Now of days people think that the car you drive or the house you live in defines who you are but it doesn’t. A person with nothing not a dime to there name can be the most encouraged and pleasant person and no one would understand why…its because that person has a different out look on life. I’m not going to say I’m where I thought I would be in life right now but I do understand now that just because you have set up a plan doesn’t always mean it will turn out that way if its not in Gods plan for you but it is always great to put your best foot forward. So with that said…I wasn’t going to do a New Year Resolution this year but after reading your blog I think I will. 🙂


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