October’s Ambitious Woman of the Month: making time for what’s important, giving back and staying on track

Ambition-driven individuals are typically busybodies involved in any and everything.

“How do you manage your time?” I’ve been asked this question multiple times and I found myself asking our October Ambitious Woman of the Month the same thing. She answers:  “I don’t know how I manage my time. I won’t lie to you … I really don’t know.”

Meet Tierra Jones, a 26-year-old recent college graduate from Wayne State University. She’s obtained a Bachelor of Arts in both communication and political science while studying at WSU. Jones will be starting Law School in 2014 to further her education; meanwhile, she volunteers regularly with The Parade Company and just recently participated in the United Negro College Fund Walk.

“After participating in the UNCF walk, I signed up to be a permanent volunteer because there are only three of them in the state of Michigan,” Jones said.

Currently, she works as a public relations specialist for the City of Detroit so she helps with the planning of many events such as the annual African World Festival.

“I’m currently assisting with the planning of the Tree Lighting and Noel Night but aside from that, I’m working on developing a young adult professional club that’ll help encourage both Detroiters and Metro Detroiters to excel in their business endeavors while helping those individuals network,” Jones said.

Before working for COD, she worked was a PR specialist for a few local artists as well as worked as a Microsoft crew rep for campus entertainment at Wayne State University.

“I don’t really have any hobbies because I work and volunteer a lot in my spare time,” She said.

Jones volunteering at the UNCF's "Walk for Education"
Jones volunteering at the UNCF’s “Walk for Education”

Giving Back 

One way she gives back to the community is through the mentoring of Detroit teens. She started two mentoring groups called L.U Gamma (Ladies Unite Girls Achieving Much More Than Average) and M.U. Gamma (Men Unite Gentlemen Achieving Much More Than Average), which targets teens between the ages of 13 to 18. The purpose of the program is to help guide the teens through high school.

“My mentoring program keeps the kids involved in activities that’ll make them well rounded and encourage them to go to college whether it’s community college, a university or a trade school,” Jones said.

“I started the groups after working on a project called ‘Jumpstart.’ I had a group of kids that I looked after for a week and there happen to be more girls mentoring than guys, so I mentored both because they noticed I was good with the boys. One day the boys asked if I was in a Fraternity and I told them I was so every since then they started cracking  jokes and imitating scenes from the movie’ stomp the yard.”

Eventually, Jones suggested that they start an organization.

“The kids were like’ are you for real?’ I said, ‘yeah, I am.’

She took her group of boys on WSU’s campus and they stepped (a public ritual dance performed by Greek fraternities and sororities) together like a real Greek fraternity but she says she wants them to know that there’s more to being in a fraternity than stepping.

“It’s about bringing people together, fellowship, community service… it’s an organization,” Jones said.

She’s a member of Alpha Phi Omega Zeta Pi chapter , a  co-ed national service fraternity dedicated to upholding the principles of leadership friendship and service.333460_10100546428460038_342897297_o

“I guess the girls got jealous because they approached me and said, ‘Ms. Tierra, it’s not fair that you’re with them all the time. You never have time to be with us.’ So I said, ‘ok, I’ll do something with the girls’ and soon after I started the girls group L.U. Gamma.”

Jones being the youngest of five, the second person in her family to complete high school and the first to graduate from college, says she pretty much “grew up” by herself.

“My siblings are much older and I was always the different one. Therefore, it was easy for me to fall in love with a lot of things. I got involved in any and everything that I could because I like to be involved,” Jones said.

She admits that she was able to experience a lot at a young age and says she wants to help the less fortunate experience what they’d otherwise not be able to, due to extenuating circumstances.

“Mainly, my projects involve me working with kids. For example, I helped paint a mural at the children’s center a few months ago.”

She says anything relating to children, and performing arts is of interest to her.
Also, she occasionally volunteers with the Ronald McDonald house.

“I do a little bit of everything and this is on the weekly basis,” she says.

She also teaches at Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. “My idea of giving back is interacting with the kids because I love teaching them new things.”

There isn’t a day that goes by where Jones doesn’t have “anything” to do.

“If I don’t have anything to do, I find something to do and when I have a list of things to do, I make it happen,” Jones said.

With Law School fast approaching, she says she’s prepping her mind for the transition because there’s a lot that goes into being a law student.

“I’ll fall back a little… but not too much. I don’t believe law school will stop me. I always find a way.”


Making Dreams Come True

Jones and her mentor former Michigan governor Jennifer Grandholm
Jones and her mentor former Michigan governor Jennifer Grandholm

Jones says she has intentions on running for state rep in 2015.

“My ultimate goal is to become the governor… that’s been my goal since I was a kid.”

She encourages you all to get out and “just do it!”

“You never know what you’ll like, so try some of everything,” Jones said.

She advises the ambitious readers to be weary of your social circle (Duh, we’ve only been telling you that every blog post J )

“You are who you hang around and that’s the truth. Your social circle plays a huge part in how far you’ll go in life.”

Remember:  Friends who are motivating and encouraging (in the right way) are an asset.

“Make time for what’s important and don’t let anyone stop you,” Jones said.

“It sounds so cliché but it’s the real!”

You heard it here. I’m not posting these words just to be posting them. As Jones said, “IT IS THE REAL.”

Stay Ambitious, Stay Motivated!


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