Intuitive Editorials

Adapting to Change: Looking Forward to the Year Ahead

Every year, we’re given a chance to reflect on the last 12 months of our life. You’re probably thinking I’m referring to New Year’s Eve and although that’s another opportunity to reflect on the past year what I’m actually referring to is each year we get older, we celebrate (well most of us). Birthdays are a great time to reflect on the past year, measure how much you’ve grown and plan for the next year in regards to where you’d like to be (god willing). As some of you may know, I just celebrated a birthday and as much as I enjoyed myself, after the hype died down I took the time to briefly think about how much has happened in the last year—and a lot has happened! Not all bad though, in fact, mostly good. As I stated before, I’ve noticed a significant amount of growth within myself.

Maturity is a wonderful thing and I’ve always accepted it with open arms because I’m a firm believer of the saying “there’s a time and a place for everything.”


What I’ve learned this past year is bad things happen—that’s just life. You (the individual) determine what’s defined as “bad” and what’s defined as “good”. What you may think is a good thing someone else may think otherwise but really it’s a mindset that determines how you look at things and how things are handled. OPTIMISM—a quality that everyone should adopt because this very thing plays a big part in GROWTH. You can’t grow if you look at every situation the same and with negativity.

Looking back on the last 12+ months of my life, I’ve accepted the things that I cannot change as well as worked to change the things that I could. All in all, I had a great year because I learned to do with less and I realized that for every unfortunate thing that happened within the past year positive things followed. Therefore, I exercise the right to not complain when things aren’t going my way and to always be optimistic about situations because when you put positive vibes out there, you’ll definitely get it back.

I’ve been counting my blessings and recognizing how fortunate I am to have the things that I have and to be where I am in life. It wasn’t an easy road but I will tell you it was worth it. I look at certain situations and how they’ve turned out and I always look for the lesson in that situation. Plenty of times we make decisions based on little to no common sense at all and then we wonder why things happen the way they do, when in actuality it could have been prevented. We all do it!  We react to things on a whim but as you get older you should be thinking about things a little bit more before reacting. It’s all a part of maturity.

Happy September!

Let’s all welcome autumn as it rapidly approaches while staying ambitious and motivated during the transition.  I wish you all a prosperous and productive 12 months ahead as I pray for the same thing.

Thanks for reading.


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