To Tea or not To Tea?

Pouring TeaEveryone that knows me knows that I love tea! I love everything about it from the comforting smell to the warm feeling I get when it hits my taste buds. To clarify, I’m not just a fan of any tea or tea brand. There are some brands that I favor over others but I’m always willing to try new things which brings me to my recent voyage of tea house tours. Since visiting two tea houses, I’m convinced that I should try to visit all the tea houses in Metro-Detroit so that I can share with you (the reader) which ones are the best. It started with me visiting the Victorian Rose Tea House in Rochester.

Rochester tea room photo photo (5) photo (4) photo (2)

I’ve been to this particular tea house twice and I enjoyed myself both times. It’s setup in a house where the living and dining rooms serve as a dining area with many tables set up for tea. I personally like to sit near the front by the window to enjoy the view of beautiful downtown Rochester.

photo (6)Typically, I’m accompanied by Stephanie Sokal, multimedia journalist ( because we absolutely love tea and back when we were co-workers at The Oakland Post (Oakland University’s student newspaper) we started a restaurant review partnership where we would sometimes tag team a restaurant review story.

The prices aren’t bad and “Tea for Two” starts at around $4. The food is good and if you’re not working with an appetite during your visit then scones are available (and just as delicious) to accompany with tea.delicious scone

After our second visit to the Victorian Rose Tea House, we decided it was time to try a new tea house and we’d already had one in mind. Our next stop would be the Victorian Tea Parlor in Berkeley (I know, the names are very similar right?) It’s located on west 14 mile and is very easy to miss it because it’s sandwiched between two shops and is hardly noticeable, however, with a detailed eye you can’t miss the coo-key lettering on the sign that’s placed on the small door frame. As I turned the turned the doorknob to attempt entrance, I honestly didn’t know what to expect but once inside I was completely astonished.IMG_4327

To my left, a little girl was having a tea party with what looked like her mom and aunt. I took a seat at a table further down, I noticed the place reminded me of Alice in Wonderland and although very similar in name these two tea houses are very different in nature.

Similarities and Differences

Both places have impeccable customer service and both the tea and food is delicious. The difference between the two would definitely be the atmosphere. The tea house in Rochester is a bit more modern and everything is strictly for decoration whereas the tea house in Berkeley has more of a vintage feel to it and you’re able to buy items while visiting including but not limited to vintage jewelry, tea, and tea sets. It’s the real deal!IMG_4334 IMG_4337

The tea house in Rochester uses tea bags whereas the tea house in Berkeley uses loose tea leaves.

There is also a slight difference in pricing. The tea house in Rochester is slightly cheaper than the one in Berkeley but despite the difference in pricing, I’d say both are worth visiting.

IMG_4322 IMG_4331IMG_4333 IMG_4335 Depending on your style and whether you’re more of a vintage lover or modernist, I’ve provided you with reviews of two very


different tea houses based on style. Stay tuned and check back for more tea house reviews!

The Victorian Rose Tea House in Rochester is open daily from 11a.m. to 3p.m. Call 248-652-8595 for inquiries on pricing and seating availability

The Victorian Tea Parlor in Berkeley is open Tues-Sat from 11a.m. to 4p.m. Call 248-542-5253 for seating available and the website is

We’d like to be your official Metro-Detroit reviewer and area guide on the latest and greatest hangouts, venues, and businesses new and old.IMG_4332

Stay Ambitious! Stay Motivated!


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