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Graduate From College…Check. Now What?

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In today’s society, women are constantly looking for ways to “better” themselves while juggling school, work, and family life.

Women’s representation in Fortune 500 leadership positions have stagnated in recent years landing at 14.5% in 2012, according to Catalyst INC’s  “Statistical Overview of Women in the Workplace March 2013 report.”

The report also shows 16.6% of women held Fortune 500 board seats in 2012.

African-American women beat out Asian American women (3%) and Latino American (4.2%) at 5.1%  with the remaining 87.8% of women (belonging to other groups) working in management and professional positions in the U.S.

What do these stats mean?

Women are consistently rising to the top despite obstacles associated with being a woman such as discrimination when it comes to things like pay and jobs being inconsiderate of the responsibilities (of these women) of tending to a family outside of work.

Since recently graduating college, I’ve noticed a breakthrough in ambitious individuals and most of them happen to be women. In fact, during my undergraduate career some of the most driven people I’ve met are females.

Meaning, we must be in the third or fourth wave of the feminist movement and some are even calling 2013 “The Year of Women Entrepreneurs.”

I digress as I’m looking to get my own business off the ground this year, while simultaneously working a “9 to 5.”

How to deal

Upon graduation my focus has definitely shifted and my new Facebook, Instagram, Twitter friends and followers, are people who I’ve not yet met in real life but share similar business ambitions and interests.

At the beginning of the year, I started reading a book called “The Power of Focus for Women: What Successful Women Know about The Secret to Conquering Challenges & Creating Change.”

My mother gave me the book after listening to me express how bittersweet it was to be in my last semester of college, and she insisted that I read and understand it before making the next transition in my life.

I didn’t finish the book as rapidly as I’d hoped but I read it in my own time around school, work and other books that I was reading at the time.

Needless to say, “The Power of Focus” came into my life at the right time.

It’s not to say that I wasn’t already focused but the messages within the book helps women conquer personal issues and emphasizes the importance of cleaning up our personal lives before stepping into the business world …and I couldn’t agree more.

My last semester of college brought along many discoveries within myself and my relationships. During this time, I had to re-evaluate my life, decide what I’d be taking with me (post-graduation) and what I’d be leaving behind (in the past).

Although it wasn’t as easy as “Graduation is over and things will automatically fall into place,” (as most college graduates think) –and this couldn’t be further from the truth—I was confronted with reality and I had to adapt and re-plan fast!

What I’ve realized

Life post-graduation is a rude awakening especially if you don’t have a job lined up upon leaving college. You’re faced with the stress of student loans kicking in (to name one burden) and you’re over come with a feeling of emptiness especially if you’re a person (like myself) who is conditioned to being in school their whole lives.

It can be overwhelming but only if you lose focus and I can admit I did for about a month.

When faced with so many issues at once it’s easy to become distracted, however, it’s just as easy to keep your eyes on the prize if you follow the instructions in “The Power of Focus for Women.”

It’s amazing how something as simple as a self-help book enters your life at the right time and just when you think you have it all together, you end up needing that very thing you deemed so irrelevant.

My next entry will be a review on the book. I’ll be putting you in the mix and you’ll see what I’ve learned and how it’s helped me get back on track.

Stay ambitious! Stay motivated.



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